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One of the most popular plastic surgery among patients aged 40 years is a facelift. This surgical operation is aimed at correcting age-related changes in the appearance of the patient.

During the facelift and neck lift in West Palm Beach, surgeon can remove pronounced wrinkles and creases in the face and forehead, get rid of circles and bags under the eyes, and correct other common age-related changes in women and men.

The operation allows to restore the volume and contour of the face, eliminate wrinkles, while ensuring a lasting effect that persists for many years.

The struggle with age-related changes takes a lot of time and energy for women.

Creams, massages, cosmetology can be effective in such problems as small wrinkles on the face, decreased skin hydration, but they can not eliminate the ptosis of the soft tissues of the face. Cope with these problems can only effective facelift and neck.

Doctor John G. Westine Thread Lift


  • Sagging of eyelid tissues and outer corners of eyes;
  • drooping eyebrows and forehead;
  • Ptosis of the soft tissues of the cheekbones, cheeks beneath the edge of the jaw;
  • Formation of jowl;
  • Deep wrinkles on the bridge of the nose and in the eyebrow;
  • “double chin;
  • Folds and sagging of the skin in the neck, etc.


  • Infectious and oncological diseases;
  • Violation of normal blood clotting;
  • Pathological conditions of internal organs;
  • Diabetes mellitus (relative contraindication).

How is the facelift in West Palm Beach performed?

The brief essence of such a plastic surgery as facelift is that soft facial tissues under the skin (this complex of tissues are often called SMAS) move in the right direction, due to which the contours of the face are aligned and sagging is eliminated. Excess skin after such movement is removed.

Rejuvenation is used to remove pronounced folds in the middle of the face, sagging the tissues below the contour of the jaw or on the neck. An experienced plastic surgeon, performing facelift, is able to remove wrinkles around the mouth, remove bags under the eyes.

Mini Face Lift West Palm Beach

This type of aesthetic surgical intervention has no equal in effectiveness. The incisions are usually in the scalp and in natural folds. As a result, postoperative scars remain invisible to others. For sewing up wounds typically used bioresorbable material.

Circular facelift and neck lift in West Palm Beach is a very important operation, lasting up to 4-5 hours. It is performed under general anesthesia. Rejuvenating surgery can also be compatible with blepharoplasty of the upper or lower eyelids and lipofilling.

The volume and method of surgery is always determined by the surgeon, individually, depending on the patient’s body, the general state of his health, the nature of the problem, the individual indications and wishes of the patient.

Before and after surgery

The result of facelift, on average, is visible 1-2 months after the operation (when all the swelling and bruising going down). Technical equipment of surgical room and the volume of intervention is directly related to how dramatically will be rejuvenating facelift effect.

Mini Facelift Procedure With Doctor Vartan Mardirossian

The stability and duration of the outcome depends on the patient: does he lead a healthy lifestyle, is not prone to stress.

Photos of our patients after facelift will allow you to get an idea of what results can be achieved with facelift.

Studying pictures “before” and “after”, you will see the effect of the operation and how facial rejuvenation can transform a patient.

Recovery after a facelift

Within 24-48 hours after the operation, the patient must stay in the clinic, where he will be provided with qualified care. In the first days after a face lift, painful sensations in the operated area can not be avoided, which will help to reduce the intake of pain medications.

Also, this period is accompanied by the appearance of facial bruising and swelling, the peak of which falls on the third or fourth day. After that bruises and swelling gradually become less pronounced and disappear. If the seams are not carried out with the use of bioresorbable material, they are removed after 7-10 days.

Vampire Facelift West Palm Beach

During the first few weeks after the operation, it is not recommended to conduct a lifestyle associated with the manifestation of a particular physical activity. You can drive a car 5-7 days after the operation. You can wash your head after removing the bandage 4-5 days after the operation; Dye hair, visit the bath, swimming pool and solarium can be 3 weeks after the operation.

10-14 days after the operation, with the permission of your attending physician, you can apply light make-up and start work that does not require serious physical effort. A month after facelift, the patient can fully return to normal life. Practice shows that the times described above are significantly reduced.

In elderly patients and those who for many years every day smokes at least 10 cigarettes, there is a risk of disruption of the circulation of the edges of skin flaps. Approximately 1% of patients after lifting the lower third of the face may experience a slight decrease in the activity of facial muscles, which lasts for 3-6 months.

Before And After Photos Of Facelift Performed By West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeons

What’s A Facelift By Dr Jacob D. Steiger

How much does a surgical facelift cost in West Palm Beach?

The cost of each operation depends on many factors – the complexity and duration of the operation, a kind of anesthesia – and the final price is determined in consultation with the surgeon of the clinic. Timely facial skin care (massages, cosmetology) and the right way of life will save the effect of the operation for many years.

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Price of facial lift without surgery in 2011:

  • $7,400 – Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS – West Palm Beach, FL – 2011;

Dr cost of rejuvenate face lift in 2012:

  1. $8,000 – Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS – west palm beach, FL – 2012;
How much does procedure cost in 2013:
  1. $10,000 – Dr. Robert Cooper – Stuart, FL (West Palm Beach, FL) – 2013;
  2. $10,000 – Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS – West Palm Beach, FL – 2013;
  3. Facial Surgery Scar With Dr. Avron Lipschitz

  4. $10,500 – Robert N. Cooper, MD – Jupiter, FL (West Palm Beach, FL) – 2013;
  5. $11,000 – Robert N. Cooper, MD – West Palm Beach, FL – 2013;
  6. $12,000 – Robert N. Cooper, MD – West Palm Beach, FL – 2013;
  7. $15,000 – Michael L. Schwartz, MD – West Palm Beach, FL – 2013;
  8. $5,000 – Luis Villar, MD, FACS – Vero Beach, FL (West Palm Beach, FL) – 2013;
  9. $8,000 – Fredric M. Barr, MD – West Palm Beach, FL – 2013;
The average smas lifting cost is $10190 in 2013 in West Palm Beach

The cost of partial face lift in 2014:

  • $12,000 – Richard G. Schwartz, MD – West Palm Beach, FL – 2014;
  • $6,800 – Dr.E – West Palm Beach, FL – 2014;
  • $7,500 – Jeffrey Wisnicki, MD – West Palm Beach, FL (Wellington, FL) – 2014;

The average price of face surgery is $8770 dollars in 2014 in West Palm Beach

SMAS Face Lifting Surgery With Dr Richard G. Schwartz

Cost of cosmetic procedures for face in 2015:

  • $1,100 – Itzhak Nir, MD, FACS – Palm Beach Gardens, FL (West Palm Beach, FL) – 2015;
  • $1,450 – Mark Murphy, MD – Palm Beach Gardens, FL (West Palm Beach, FL) – 2015;
  • $5,125 – Richard G. Schwartz, MD – West Palm Beach, FL – 2015;
  • $7,500 – Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS – West Palm Beach, FL – 2015;
  • $7,800 – Itzhak Nir, MD, FACS – Loxahatchee, FL (West Palm Beach, FL) – 2015;
  • $8,000 – Dr. Kris Reddy – West Palm Beach, FL – 2015;

The average cost of plastic surgery for face is $5160 dollars in 2015 in West Palm Beach
Realself operation cost in 2016:

  • $12,000 – Brian Hass, MD – West Palm Beach, FL (Palm Beach Gardens, FL) – 2016;
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