1 Hour Facelift – Cosmetic Surgeons Opinions

1 hour facelift is more a marketing slogan than an actual procedure. In the words, it is not a defined medical procedure.

Ask your surgeon what exactly is performed and to see some long term (greater than a year) results to decide for yourself. (Sandy Sule, MD, Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Fillers vary as to where in the face they can most safely be placed and how long they last.

The most popular areas for improvement are the nasolabial folds (line between the nose and lips) as well as the lips themselves.

Fillers may be used to enhance the size or change the shape of the lips.

These 30-minute treatments are performed in the office under both topical and local anesthesia for comfort. Fillers are now available preloaded with local anesthetic.

Between the powerful numbing cream, application of ice before treatment, and the presence of anesthetic in the filler itself, both discomfort and bruising are dramatically reduced.

1 Hour Rhytidectomy

Facial fillers such as Radiesse™, Restylane™, and Juvederm™ as well as muscle relaxants such as Botox™, to not only reduce wrinkles, but also lift and contour sagging facial features. This non-surgical approach, known as a “liquid facelift,” can be used to treat the entire face or specific areas, and offers long lasting results with little or no down time. (Anand G. Shah, MD, San Antonio Facial Plastic Surgeon)

1 hour facelift

This term has been kind for marketing reasons only. Important part of a facelift is not how long it takes to do it, but more how long it lasts and how natural the results are. (James Murphy, FRCS(Plast), Manchester Plastic Surgeon)

The “1 hour facelift” would be a procedure you should avoid at all cost! This operation can never be hurried and compressed into a quick time frame. This procedure is a work of art customized to each patient, not an assembly line operation.

Most of these short procedures fail to address the dynamics of the aging face. The results if any are very short lived. Ironically, the scars from these minimal procedures can actually be worse because the lift is performed by pulling only on the skin and not addressing the deeper tissues. (Jeffrey Marvel, MD, Nashville Facial Plastic Surgeon)

A Real Facelift Procedures Can Now Be Completed In Just One Hour

Pulling the skin is not a facelift. Be careful. A board certified plastic surgeon is well trained and can provide you with all options that are best suited for you during a consultation. (William C. Rigano, MD, Dayton Plastic Surgeon)

A facelift or facial rhytidectomy can be performed in many ways. A well trained, experienced surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery will likely have in his/her repertoire several technical approaches to achieving a beautiful, natural result with a facelift.

Not one of these, in my opinion, can be achieved in 1 hour. Labels such as 1-hour facelift, lunch-time lift, thread-lift, lifestyle lift are simply marketing gimmicks aimed at consumers who are looking for a shortcut.

Please do not fall for the marketing hype without properly doing your homework. Find a local board-certified plastic surgeon with a great reputation in the community who has extensive experience in facial rejuvenation. Consider consulting with several surgeons to find one that you feel comfortable with, who can thoroughly discuss the merits of different facelift techniques, and one who understands your aesthetic goals. (Scott D. Holley, MD, FACS, Portage Plastic Surgeon)

Aftercare For The HourLift Mini Face Lift

As my colleagues have said this is truly a marketing tool as opposed to a viable alternative to a traditional facelift. In fact it can take up to an hour just to close the incisions of a facelift without any sort of manipulation of the deep tissues.

This type of facelift is not long lasting and fraught with problems. The old adage applies well here “you get what you pay for”!. (Ritu Chopra, MD, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon)

1 hour facelift is a marketing tool

The 1 hour facelift is a procedure which is widely advertised in the media, and is really more of a marketing tool than a unique facelift technique. If one researches the operation, one finds that the key ingredient they all seem to have in common is that they are performed under local anesthesia, with no IV or anesthesiologist present for treatment or monitoring of the patient.

This requires that the procedure be done in a fairly hasty manner, to avoid the patient becoming too uncomfortable. As most facelift patients are in their fifties or older, I have several issues with this technique being performed without monitoring or the ability to make the patient comfortable beyond oral medication.

One Hour Facelift Is Now A Reality

I am of the belief that a facelift is a serious procedure, that should not be rushed and truly demands the full attention of an expert and experienced surgeon who is performing it. It is for this reason that I perform all of my facelift procedures with an anesthesiologist present and providing for the patient’s safety and comfort. (David P. Rapaport, MD, FACS, Manhattan Plastic Surgeon)

A 1 hour facelift is a marketing term. The 1 hour facelift may vary, but could refer to a mini-lift or skin only lift. A comprehensive facelift addresses the anatomical changes of aging and takes several hours to perform.

A comprehensive facelift will elevate descended soft tissues of the face and neck. This is often performed by elevating the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS). The SMAS is a deep connective tissue layer that forms a continuous sheath within the face and neck.

One Hour Facelift With Fillers

A facelift that lifts the underlying SMAS will re-elevate descended facial tissues and improve the appearance of the cheek-bone area (malar area) and jowls. After the SMAS is lifted, excess skin is removed. In a patient with good skin quality this facelift should last 7-10 years. (Austin Hayes, MD, Portland Plastic Surgeon)

A facelift that takes only an hour would likely be a very limiting procedure. The results would be dependent on the type of facial aging you have.. It would be unusual for a short office based procedure like this ( assuming nothing else is done) to give much of a long lasting result. (G. Wesley Price, MD, Chevy Chase Plastic Surgeon)

A “1 hour facelift” is a come-on for an inadequate procedure! If you need a facelift, your least concern should be how long it takes a surgeon to peerform. See a reputable, board certified Plastic surgeon who knows and understands all the options.

Post 1 Hour Facelift, Patients Wear An Ice-containing Head-garment For 24-48 Hours

Pursue the procedure that is right for you, not something that someone else puts a time limit on. (Stephan Finical, MD, Charlotte Plastic Surgeon)

It sounds like a marketing ploy….this procedure is not done in an hour and definitely not if combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures. A facelift should be tailored to the patient, not the reverse.

Always make sure you are discussing this with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Quick procedures may yield quick, non-lasting results. (Adam C. Augenstein, MD, Charlotte Plastic Surgeon)

As a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon in the Bay Area of Northern California, I can honestly inform you that this is a marketing gimmick to attract potential patients. Having undergone extensive training, facelifts of any sort that are effective take time to perform.

The 1 Hour Face Lift Is Very Non-invasive

Just the closure of a lift takes at least up to 1 hour per side to make the end result something you would be proud of and cherish. This does not include the actual lift and dissection.

Anyone who mentions that they can perform a facelift in 1 hour I would question their technique and credentials. This is why going to a board certified plastic surgeon in your area would be the best option.

Also, someone who performs facelifts regularly and looking at their before and after photos is very important for the consumer. (Joel B. Beck, MD, FACS, Bay Area Plastic Surgeon)

Facelift procedure requires time and attention to detail

I am often asked about the “1 hour facelift” during a consultation for facial rejuvenation. Often my consult takes an hour! There should not be a cookie cutter approach to restoring your youthful appearance and each patient should have an individualized plan.

The HourLift Mini Face Lift

60 minute facelift

This is a minimally invasive procedure with a clever name to catch your attention which will give you a result likely to last just as long; 60 minutes. I do not recommend it and would suggest a more time honored approach to a facelift, not a gimmick. (Scott Loessin, MD, Key West Plastic Surgeon)

In order to achieve an optimal long lasting result the procedure requires several hours and is most comfortable when performed under anesthesia. Usually, short cuts which save time will not yield the results you desire. (Andrew Goldberg, MD, Fairfax Plastic Surgeon)

A 1 hour facelift is whatever the doctor advertising says it is. There is nothing in the scientific literature, and this is likely a marketing approach. (Roy A. David, MD, San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon)

The One Hour Lift May Be The Perfect Fit For Your Busy Lifestyle

Be careful about how quickly someone can perform a facelift. If he/she is performing it in 1 hour, then they are probably not doing it with care and precision. There are “deep plane” facelifts that take 6 hours to perform and there are quick “skin only” facelifts that can be performed in under 1 hour.

I have a procedure called the “Rejuvelift” which will improve the lower third of the face, is done under local anesthesia with oral sedation(valium) and is accomplished in about two hours. Visit a board certified plastic surgeon and be sure to view his “before and after” photos before going through with the procedure. (Louis C. Cutolo, Jr., MD, FACS, New York Plastic Surgeon)

It takes me about 2-3 hours to do a facelift with necklift correctly with attention to symmetry, scarring, and quality and we do several facelifts every month. I think the term is more of a marketing gimmick than an actual procedure as it would be difficult to make incisions on both sides of the face and close them with achieving a nice long lasting improvement and maintaining symmetry and quality in an hour.

The First Long-lasting One Hour Face Lift Procedure

If you think about it, it should make sense. (Mike Majmundar, MD, Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Sometimes doctors brand their own procedures. Don’t get confused by all these marketing terms. They really don’t mean anything. A good facelift is one that tightens and supports the SMAS and Platysma muscles in the neck.

Sometimes these procedures are branded to entice people to do a procedure because it sounds easy and less invasive. No matter how great these procedures sound, remember that any surgical procedure has a downtime. If you are going to undergo a facelift or other surgical procedure, you should expect to get a significant improvement and lasting results.

Don’t look for short cuts here – they won’t pay off in the long run. A good facelift may only take an hour or two, but the key is to learn about what is actually being done to your face, not how long it takes.

The Hour Lift Involves Cutting The Skin And Tightening The Facial Muscles, Rather Than Moving The Facial Muscles

You only have one face – take care of it!. (Amir M. Karam, MD, San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon)

A 1 hour facelift is a common term used to describe a “mini” facelift surgery. The difference between a mini and traditional facelift lies in the invasiveness and results associated with the respective procedures. As expected, a mini facelift is less invasive, and is typically reserved for patients with more subtle conditions.

A traditional facelift offers more noticeable, dramatic results, but is accompanied with a longer recovery time. (Julian De Silva, MD, London Oculoplastic Surgeon)

1 hour facelift – A limited procedure

The term 1 hour facelift really refers to a very minimal facelift that involves limited removal of skin. This means a relatively small amount of skin will be removed from just in front of the ear with a couple of suspension sutures placed on the SMAS (skin muscle aponeurotic system) layer through that approach.

The Hour Lift Or Mini-facelift

1 hour facelifts are basically very limited procedures and give limited results. Patients who are candidates for full facelifts and have significant facial aging are not candidates for these limited procedures. Patients who have had these ‘1 hour’ procedures often report less satisfaction than patients who have had more traditional facelift procedure(s) which are able to address more of their concerns. (Steven Goldman, MD, Cleveland Plastic Surgeon)

A good facelift should always address 2 layers- the skin layer and the underlying muscle layer. Typically, time spent resuspending the underlying muscle layer in either a deep plane lift or a sub-SMAS lift results in a longer lasting and more natural appearing facial rejuvenation.

A ‘1 hour facelift’ is a marketing gimmick. A skin only lift can be done quickly but carries a higher risk of leaving someone looking tight (especially when the skin is on stretch) and of providing only a short term result.

I would encourage you to focus on finding a surgeon who offers consistent, natural results with before and after photographs to support the work. (David M. Lieberman, MD, Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon)