Facelift Pictures

Facelift is one of the most topical aesthetic operations of our time.

Thanks to a facelift, a visual rejuvenation is achieved for 7-15 years, without the need for additional cosmetic procedures in the future.

Correction of age-related changes allows to qualitatively improve the contours of the neck, smooth out deep wrinkles, eliminate sagging and loss of tissue volume, relieve excess skin in the upper eyelid and hernia in the lower region.

Types of face lift

There are different methods of this procedure:

A Nonsurgical Facelift To Lift, Tighten, And Tone Skin

Total facelift is a procedure that includes the widest range of surgical procedures in all areas of the face and neck, namely: endoscopic eyebrow lift, forehead, temporal zone, upper and lower blepharoplasty, lifting of the middle and lower zones of the face and neck. The operation is indicated for women, beginning at age 37.

The mid-face lift or cheek lift is cosmetic surgery to restore the natural shape of your lower eyelids and cheeks. Usually it includes: a tightening of the area of cheekbones and temples, elimination of buccal ptosis, correction of nasolabial folds. The operation is ideal for young women aged 30-37 with the first signs of skin aging.

Deep Plane Facelift + CO2 Laser = Facial Rejuvenation At Its Best

SMAS-lift is a method of correction of the face and neck, suggesting correction of the muscular-aponeurotic layer, due to which a pronounced effect of lift for a long time is achieved. This technique can be performed both as an independent operation, and in a complex when performing total facelift.

However, facelift remains one of the most complex operations, since it requires extreme accuracy from the surgeon. Just one wrong move can lead to an irreversible result. For this reason, surgical facial rejuvenation should be entrusted only to a doctor with extensive experience in this field.

Endoscopic facelift is a modern method of facelift that can be performed through open access (with the creation of surgical incisions and subsequent excision of excess skin) and a minimally invasive method, in which the area of tissue damage is minimal. Often, their combinations are used.

Indication for facelift

Endymed Facelift Before And After

The face of a person is an open page. Age leaves traces: double chin, wrinkles, folds, lowered corners of the lips, bags under the eyes. All this brings grief and a desire to change something, and to make a step back. An effective way to combat aging is plastic surgery – facelift.

Many women mistakenly believe, that the facelift is for those who have crossed the line in forty years age. In fact, the indications for the operation are not limited only to age. Much depends on the general state of health, skin type, genetic predisposition.

Skin sagging is often due to various side effects. For example, a sharp weight loss leads to the fact that the skin loses its elastic properties, it needs a sufficiently long period in order to fully restore its functions.

Dysport Facelift Procedure

And if at a young age after a certain time the skin is tightened, then in the mature years, often such changes become irreversible.

Therefore, plastic surgery is a way out of various situations of deterioration in appearance. But dissatisfaction with your appearance, can not serve as an indication for aesthetic surgery. The first thing you need to do is to consult a doctor. A competent, qualified consultation will help to fully understand the existing problems and find the only correct way out.

The face and neck lift has been used for a long time, and today it becomes a standard operation for many people. The main thing is to choose a good specialist, a master of his craft, who will perform the operation so that the results will leave behind only satisfaction.

Indications for facelift can serve as such factors:

SMAS Facelift At Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute By Rod Rohrich

  • Age.Facelift is indicated to people after 35 years of age. Before this age, the skin is still able to cope with the problems that arise. Exceptions are the genetic predisposition of the skin to early aging.
  • Ptosis of soft tissues of the lower contour of the face.”Cheeks bulldog” is what women struggle with most often. These ugly growths easily removes with the facelift.
  • Loose skin and sagging of the skin of the face, cheeks, neck.Ugly wrinkles, folds, fuzzy lines of cheeks are often serve as a reason for contacting with a plastic surgeon.
  • Omitted corners of the eyes.Delicate eyelids suffer first from all kinds of changes in the body. The skin becomes wrinkled, loses elasticity and sags.
  • Double chin.Fatty tissue eventually forms an ugly “bag” in chin area. And no exercise will remove it as effectively as a facelift. Facelift will make you younger and more attractive.
  • Filler And Botox Can Change Lives

    Surgical facelift allows you to get rid of external signs of aging by removing excess skin and adjusting its position. Some options facelift also involves working with facial muscle structure. Facelifts photo before and after which are presented in this gallery are conducted by the leading plastic surgeons of the USA. Each photo is provided with explanations of the scope of the intervention, as well as information about the surgeon and / or the clinic that performed the operation.

    Facelift is usually performed in combination with blepharoplasty, platysmoplasty and removal of the second chin. In addition to the usual operation, endoscopic intervention is also performed.

    Hyaluronic Acid The Natural Facelift Before And After

    In the photos before and after facelifts, that are presented in our gallery, you can see that post-operative micro-scars are almost invisible even with extensive interference. Methods to combat age-related changes in the skin may be different, but there always comes a time when it is impossible to cope with wrinkles alone.

    If the facial countur has become less expressive, and the features have faded, if the eyes look at the world tiredly, and even a smile can not correct the situation – contact the specialists of our clinic. Facelift is a way to rejuvenate your face for 5-10 years.

    The results of a facelift depend on the characteristics of your skin, age and changes. The results of facelifts in the photo before and after will allow you to evaluate the possibilities of doctors of our clinic. If you want to look good at any age, make an appointment and find out what we can do for your beauty.

    Lower SMAS Facelift Before And After

    On the site you can see the photos before and after the facelift, read the patients’ opinions, and also ask any question interesting you. To see the detailed results of the operation, click on the photo.

    All patients who come to the facelift surgery, dream of becoming younger, but at the same time retain their individual facial features. When we are preparing for surgery, we usually ask patients to bring photos taken before the age of 30. And always after the operation, our patients see that they have returned to their former features, which they had in their youth. Also, we draw attention to the fact that the result obtained with deep facelift is preserved up to 10 years.

    With photos before and after facelift, made in our clinic, you can see in this section.

    Thread Facelift Before And After Photo

    To date, a popular surgery that can cope with age-related changes is a facelift. Photos before and after the plastic surgery, the result of the plastic surgeon’s work, presented on this page, demonstrate the effect of facelift. The visual result will pleasantly please women and men aged 40 years and over. Facelift, SMAS facelift allows you to get rid of deep wrinkles, tighten sagging skin on the cheeks and neck and, consequently, look much younger.

    Information is protected. Replicate printed materials without a link to the site is prohibited, the use of photographs of patients by other persons is strictly prohibited. The photos presented on the site demonstrate the results of operations in specific patients and are not considered as a guarantee of cosmetic effect in your case.

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