Mini Face Lift Scars Pictures

See pictures of scars after mini facelift! Here you will see how the scar gradually heals and becomes almost invisible!

Face lift scars can be very inconspicuous. Consult with a highly skilled surgeon and view many our before and after pictures.

Scars can be improved with laser resurfacing, silicone products, and massage. Unfavorable scars can be revised after a year.

Scars from mini facelift can be done inside the ear and in this way they do not show. Make sure you see an experienced facelift surgeon for the best result.

The scars from a mini facelift are often the very same as from a full facelift. But the results are less and last for less time.

The Mini Facelift Do Leave Scars

Anytime you have an incision, there will be a “scar”. The goal is to have a very thin, clear incision that you can’t see. The incisions for a mini-facelift are done inside the ear and around the bottom of the earlobe. Typically, you do not notice them!

Mini facelift scars can be minimized easily with taking time and doing quality work.

Mini Face/Neck lifts come in all sorts of procedures but quality work takes time. Hiding the incisions takes time and finesse. Even a full face/neck lift can be done under tumescent local anesthesia where there is much less bruising, swelling and complications and cost roughly $8800 on special but still takes 6 hours.

The incisions are hidden in front of, in the ear, and behind the ear. Cheap assembly-line facelifts done in 1-1.5 hrs are just that and are to be avoided at all costs. Quality work takes time.

Mini Facelift Scars Will Be Very Difficult To See

Mini Facelift Scarring Photos

Fortunately, advanced surgical techniques can help reduce the risk of scarring after a mini facelift. Incisions are strategically placed, so obvious scars are not a typical outcome. But there are steps you can take to help your skin heal so that traces of your incisions are hardly visible.

Immediately after your surgery, you should avoid the sun. After surgery, your skin will be particularly sensitive, making it susceptible to permanent discoloration if exposed to the sun. Consider applying scar-reducing topical products, which your surgeon can recommend.

To obtain the maximum improvement it’s necessary to not only lift and fill but to remove excess skin for both men and women. Incisions that are properly camouflaged become quite difficult to see especially when there is no continuous line in front of the ear.

Plan on approximately 4 weeks for the redness to leave the incision, possibly sooner. A major factor for men to consider is that the beard line will be raised both in front of and behind the ear changing your shaving pattern.

There is also a likelihood of some hair growth on the tragus in front of the ear leading some patients to have electrolysis or laser hair removal (I don’t know many though who found it bothersome at all).