Facelift Recovery Pictures Day By Day

Look at the photos of facelift recovery day by day. The patient took a photo before surgery, and photographed herself every day, starting from the first day after the operation.

The operation was successful, there were no complications in the postoperative period. In the early days, the edema is clearly visible.

On day 4, the stitches were removed. On the 13th day the patient left the clinic and went home. After 6 weeks, the scar behind the ear is still visible, but after 3 months it became almost invisible.

The recovery time varies depending on what type and how extensive of a facelift is performed. A standard deep plane facelift typically takes about 10 days to 2 weeks to recover from, as long as no additional procedures are done.

1 Week Pre Op

ie. facial peels / laser and as long as the healing is on course. All sutures and staples are removed at this point (10 days to 2 weeks), but there can often be ongoing swelling.

For most patients, bruising has subsided and if any is left, this can be covered up with makeup.

Some patients feel comfortable going out in public at 1 weeks time, while some are still apprehensive at 10 days; however, a majority are usually comfortable at 2 weeks. Some of the variability is also based on how your heal and how much you bruise.

If you easily bruise/ swelling, then expect to take a full 2 weeks off. On the other hand, if you rarely bruise and are a quick healer, you may be ready at 7 days.

Recovery from a facelift is relatively quick. Pain is minimal and well controlled with mild pain medications. Activities are limited for the first week. The main question is at what point do you want to be seen in public without signs of surgery.

3 Months After Facelift

If mild swelling and little bruising does not offend you then desk type activity is fine with in one week.

The recovery from a face lift should not be more than a day or two. You should be able to do just about anything if you want. However, you will be swollen and bruised.

It usually takes about 7 to 10 days before you can go out in public with makeup in and look good enough that few people would know that you have had surgery.

Healing can take up to six months and through that time your scars may be red and noticeable without makeup.

Generally speaking, with a facelift alone and without any ancillary procedures you would want to set aside 7-10 days for any bruising and swelling.

Some patients opt to do a forehead lift or blepharoplasty along with their facelift, and this can add additional recovery time of up to two weeks.

Most patients feel comfortable going into public at approximately 1 week out from surgery. Most find that the pain isn’t too unbearable and there are varying degrees of swelling and bruising, which can make some look like “a monster”

However, this swelling and bruising improve by 5-7 days and can usually be covered by makeup at that time. The incisions are well hidden by hair or a scarf.

General Facelift Recovery

A face lift is a surgical procedure that tightens wrinkles and sagging skin of the face and neck. The rejuvenation results of a Facelift go well beyond what can be expected from common injections like Botox and Juvederm.

Many types of Facelifts exist and the procedure can address multiple problem areas problem including hollow eyes, cheek deflation, and hanging jowls. You will want to look at many before and after pictures to determine exactly what you need.

Recovery from a face lift involves bruising and swelling initially seen a few days after surgery. As this gradually subsides, make up can be applied. Most patients only have mild pain and its usually gone within a few days.

After surgery, its important to allow your body to heal, and follow instructions for post- surgical care. These include, but limited too, elevating your face, avoiding blood thinners, and taking care of your incisions. No heavy lifting or exercise for about 3 weeks.

Pictures Day By Day