Radiofrequency Facelift Before And After

Radiofrequency facelift before and after is photographs taken by patients or doctors before and after RF treatment.

Face lifting is one of the most demanded procedures for today, because each of us wants to look young and attractive.

Unfortunately, over time, the skin loses its elasticity and elasticity, the contour of the face becomes less distinct, nasolabial folds deepen, wrinkles appear.

Now these problems can be solved quickly, efficiently and painlessly using the radio frequency technique.

This technique allows to achieve the lifting effect after the first procedure, since the radio frequency, acting on the collagen skin skeleton, causes instant reduction of collagen fibers.

Radio Frequency Facelift Before And After Image

Visually this is manifested in the fact that the skin on cheekbones and cheeks becomes more elastic and taut, fine wrinkles around the eyes are smoothed, wrinkles on the forehead and nasolabial folds are reduced, the texture of the skin improves, and the pore sizes are reduced.

The result is obvious

Radio frequency not only eliminates such superficial skin imperfections as wrinkles, atony, flabbiness, but also triggers its natural processes of reconstruction and recovery, stimulating the production of new collagen.

Thanks to this, the so-called delayed rejuvenating effect is achieved: the production of collagen continues for another six months after the end of the course.

Does Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Work

Thus, the maximum effect of rejuvenation and lifting will be achieved in six months, but each procedure, starting with the first, for your skin will turn back the time: deep wrinkles will decrease, the small ones will completely disappear, the skin will become more taut and elastic.

Rejuvenation without restrictions

Radiofrequency face-lifting is suitable for any type of skin and has no age restrictions. During the procedure, the face is treated with massage movements using a manipula. The treatment time can be from 30 to 50 minutes, depending on the area of care and skin condition.

The procedure is absolutely painless, only pleasant warmth is felt on the skin. The maximum efficiency, comfort and safety of the procedure ensures that the radio frequency power is adjusted individually for each customer.

Radio-frequency Facial

Face lifting with the help of radio frequency is not recommended in case of pregnancy, cancer, serious diseases of internal organs and metabolic disorders, as well as in the presence of a pacemaker, metal prostheses and implants, sensitive to the effects of radio frequency.

The course consists of 4-10 procedures, depending on the initial condition of the skin. The break between sessions is 4-8 days. The procedure does not require any preliminary preparation.

During the course of procedures you can lead a habitual way of life and use makeup. To achieve a stable anti-aging effect and further slow down the aging of the skin, supportive therapy is recommended once a year. Radiofrequency facelift is compatible with any other cosmetic procedures: peeling, mesotherapy, etc.

Below you will see the photos before and after the radiofrequency facelift.