Lower Facelift Recovery Photos

Look at how passes the recovery in patients after lower facelift. Here you will find photos of people who were facelifted by various surgeons.

Images are made mainly during the first two weeks after lower facelift.

The photos are at the bottom of the article. But first, brief information on how long it takes to recover from lower facelift.

Recovery for a Lower Face Lift is determined by what technique is used, your age and overall health. For the most part, recovery is about one week and for some approximately two weeks.

Lower Face/Neck Lifts Recovery.

Lower face/neck lifts do great now that they can be done under local anesthesia safely and give such natural results for roughly $6000. Recovery is quicker and there is less bruising and swelling and you are back to work in 1 week and exercising in 2 weeks.

Lower Facelift Recovery Day By Day

The incisions are hid now so most friends don’t even know you’ve had it done.

Patients can resume regular activity the day after a lower facelift.

A lower facelift addressed the neck, from the jawline to the clavicle. It is an operation that takes 1 to 2 hours. Most patients go home after the surgery. A drain may be placed but it is removed the next day.

At that time, regular daily activity (not strenuous) is permitted.

Each surgeon has different guidelines for postoperative care and timing for recovery. Moreover, recovery for lower facelifts will vary based on the technique and skill of the surgeon and the recovery ability of the patient.

Typically, you can estimate a week before you can begin light activities which can be ramped up from there.

Lower Facelift Recovery Days 2-5

Generally speaking, you will have a bulky dressing around you neck for 24-48 hours. The drain is usually removed after two days. The you will have a neck bank that you have to wear for one week.

Bruising, usually 2 week, occasionally longer. I use dissolvable sutures. Occasionally i use staples behind the ear. These are removed after 10 days. You can shower after two days. return to driving 5-7 days. full activity 6 weeks.

While the recovery time for a lower face lift varies with each patient, most people are fine to return to their usual activities in about 10 days to 2 weeks. There still may be some residual swelling and bruising at this time, but it almost always can be covered with make up.

Immediately after the procedure you will have significant swelling and this generally starts to resolve in 2-3 days. There are some “spa”/office treatments such as ultrasound and LED applications that may make the recovery even quicker.

You Can Expect Visible Reduction Of Facial Swelling And Bruising After 10 To 14 Days

Be sure to ask your physician if he/she offers them. In my medspa “A Spa Above”, we offer those treatments to all cosmetic surgery patients – including them in the procedure fee.

Recovery time on lower facelift

This only takes 1 week – 10 days! Stitches stay in for this period of time. There is not much downtime and return to work is not an issue. There is swelling and need for healing beyond this initial period of time.

It takes about 4 months to 12 months for scars to settle. Work can be done to optimize the scar and your surgeon can give you her/his regimen.

The recovery time from a Lower Facelift, Lite Lift, Quick Lift, Lifestyle lift, etc, is affected by many different factors, but patients are generally presentable within two- three weeks of the procedure. Patients should expect swelling, bruising, and discoloration of the skin during this phase of recovery.

Swelling normally starts to decrease after 48 hours and most bruising will go away within two weeks.

Pictures of lower facelift recovery: