One Stitch Facelift Before And After

A one stitch facelift refers to a facelift that uses a stitch to tighten sagging facial skin. Skin only facelifts do not address the underlying sagging of facial soft tissues and instead rely on aged skin to support the face.

Their results have not been long lasting. A comprehensive facelift addresses the anatomical changes of aging and takes several hours to perform. A comprehensive facelift will elevate descended soft tissues of the face and neck.

This is often performed by elevating the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS). The SMAS is a deep connective tissue layer that forms a continuous sheath within the face and neck. A facelift that lifts the underlying SMAS will re-elevate descended facial tissues and improve the appearance of the cheek-bone area (malar area) and jowls.

Minimally Invasive Nature Of One Stitch Facelift Minimises Risks

After the SMAS is lifted, excess skin is removed. In a patient with good skin quality this facelift should last 7-10 years. (Austin Hayes, MD, Portland Plastic Surgeon)

The so-called “one-stitch lift” is also well-known in the plastic surgery literature as a thread lift. This technique involves the use of a barbed suture that is threaded beneath the skin towards the nasolabial folds and marionette lines and looped back and then secured to the temporal area behind the hairline.

This result is a quick fix and gives immediate results with minimal down time, but the results last one year at best. One of the downsides is also that it is easy to have asymmetric results with one side often being pulled more than the other.

A permanent suture is often used and this can be removed without much difficulty. That being said, the procedure is effective in the short-term but has its downsides.

Lasting results require more undermining and redraping of the tissues. (Kristina Tansavatdi, MD, Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon)

One Stitch Facelift Gives Patients A Fresher And Firmer Appearance

“One Stitch Facelift” – A Minimally Invasive Procedure?

The “One Stitch Facelift” is a marketing gimmick for the old “thread lift”. A barbed suture is threaded under the skin and then anchored into place.

The initial result lasts about six months to one year, but there are potential complications with the “barbs” creating facial irregularities and even eroding through the skin.

I do not perform this type of facelift and do not recommend it. Please find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who performs a micro or mini-lift if you only need minimal therapy, or a standard neck and facelift if your aesthetic problems require a more aggressive approach. (Rondi Kathleen Walker, MD, Washington Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Also known as a thread lift or stitch lift, the procedure relies on suture tension and no undermining. Put simply it is different than a traditional facelift, including short scar or mini face lifts. The thread or one stitch lift is more of a marketing ploy to attract patients who don’t want what they probably really need -a real facelift.

One Stitch Facelift Is Safe For Patients With Diabetes

It is best considered a gimmick that does not address most problems facial aging patients have, does not provide lasting results and will leave most patients disappointed. (Jeffrey D. Wagner, MD, Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon)

One stitch lifts are also called S Lifts. These may work for some patients but generally don’t last as long or give as dramatic results as a full facelift. (Roy A. David, MD, San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon)

A One-Stitch Lift is a Marketing Term for a Facelift

The one stitch lift is a variant of the thread lift. This procedure uses sutures with barbs that hold the soft tissue in a suspended position.

Unfortunately, with time, the barbs lose their traction and the patient develops recurrent facial skin sag.

For this reason, the procedure has been widely criticized. The procedure has significant expense and is associated with minimal improvement. It’s not unusual for these types of procedures to be given names that have marketing value.

What Are The Costs Of One Stitch Face Lift

Descriptive terms like; smart, lunch hour and laser are added to standard terms like facelift, to make them sound as if they represent new technology. In reality, this leads to significant confusion amongst patients. (Richard J. Bruneteau, MD, Omaha Plastic Surgeon)

What is a “One-stitch Lift”?

The “One-stitch Lift” is one of several names for a minimally invasive type of facial procedure. This type of procedure has been popularized in the past but has not shown to really be in favor with board certified Plastic Surgeons because of the minimal effect that comes with this type of procedure.

If a patient wants a facelift then they should get a full facelift which includes a necklift in order to alleviate the problems of sagging skin and most will need fat grafts to correct volume deflation that comes with age. (Paul Vitenas, Jr., MD, Houston Plastic Surgeon)

A one stitch facelift is a marketing term for a thread lift. Thread lift has received a lot of poor reviews recently so those who perform the threadlift procedure have opted for other names. The poor press is well deserved as the thread lift is not the optimal option for most patients. (Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS, West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon)

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