Face Lifts Before And After

Look at the before and after photos of facelift, performed by professional plastic surgeons. Each photo has a name containing the name of the surgeon who performed facelift, the city in which he practices and a brief description of the treatment.

Facelift is a surgical facelift that allows you to eliminate wrinkles in the neck, face, near the eyes, while providing a lasting effect that persists for several years.

Age changes, which consist in reducing the amount of elastin and collagen in the skin, sooner or later cause the appearance of wrinkles in the face and neck area, which are some of the most visible signs of aging.

Facelift is especially indicated for patients after 40 years of age with marked age changes.

Facelift is carried out by the classical method: excess skin is removed, namely those tissues that form irregularities and wrinkles. Surgery is performed under general anesthesia.

Through the cuts of the skin that are performed in the behind-the-ear area of the scalp, the instruments are injected into the subcutaneous tissue, by which the skin is peeled over a considerable length.

After the skin of the face and neck becomes mobile, it is tightened, thereby straightening the wrinkles. The resulting excess of skin is removed, after which cosmetic sutures are applied. The duration of surgery is usually 1.5 to 3 hours

Sutures are usually removed on the 7-10th day after the operation. During the first 2-5 days, moderate pain sensations are noted, which are eliminated by analgesics.

The preliminary result can be assessed after 2-3 weeks, the final result after 1.5-2 months, which are necessary for complete healing. Complications of facelifting are extremely rare and, as a rule, depend on the qualification of the plastic surgeon and the technical equipment of the operating room.

The effect of a facelift lasts from 5 to 7 years. We warn that age-related changes in the skin over time reduce the effect of facelift, but a second operation is subsequently possible.

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