60 Minute Facelift Reviews

Many patients are seeking the least invasive procedure with the least down-time to improve their appearance. Unfortunately, without fail, the shorter the procedure and the incision, the shorter time the result lasts.

Avoid these gimmicks and seek and experienced board certified plastic surgeon who does a large number of facelifts to consult with you prior to exposing yourself to a disappointing experience. (Patti A. Flint, MD, Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon)

A facelift, when done well, requires essentially 2 facelift procedures – one lift for the deeper tissues and one lift for the skin. There is also subtle, painstakingly meticulous work that needs to be done to ensure that everything looks natural from all angles and that scars are imperceptible.

60 Minute Facelift Non Surgical

This is all absolutely impossible to do in under 2.5 hours. Trust me, when YOUR surgeon does YOUR facelift, you’ll want him/her to take their time and do it right. Why people are attracted to “quick”, “60 minutes”, “lunchtime”, concepts or why they would make the time element a priority for such important surgery is beyond me.

These are all marketing gimmicks aimed at making people think that having a facelift can be as easy as getting your hair styled.

My advice: Run from any surgeon who resorts to these tricks and gimmicks in order to get business. (Richard Parfitt, MD, Madison Facial Plastic Surgeon)

It is probably a marketing gimmick. The big plastic surgery gurus in New York who do 4 or 5 a day may take 2 hours or so to do a facelift. Under an hour and you get what you pay for,beware if it seems to good to be true. (Gregory T. Lynam, MD, Richmond Plastic Surgeon)

60 Minute Facelift Photo

A full facelift takes many hours to complete. This gives the best and longest lasting result. I generally say that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Although I do not have first hand knowledge about this treatment, I would definitely consult a board certified plastic surgeon to get a more thorough answer. (Christopher J. Davidson, MD, FACS, Boston Plastic Surgeon)

Minimally invasive Face Lifts

60 minutes face-lift is nothing but a marketing name. The important points are, safety and results. Many marketing name procedures are to confused patients and have disappointing results. Choose the a Board Certified Surgeon and Accredited Surgical Facility. (Alejandro J. Quiroz, MD, FACS, Mexico Plastic Surgeon)

The only facelift that can take an hour would be some sort of very minimal lift. Most facelifts average 3-5 hours and require a lot of delicate dissection, suturing, and other procedures. If someone promises a full facelift in 1 hour I would definitely get a second opinion.

60 Minute Facelift With Sculptra

Ask to see their before/after photos and judge for yourself. Most of these types of ads are just marketing hype and you have to read the fine print. (Kurtis Martin, MD, Cincinnati Plastic Surgeon)

60 minutes facelift: Listen to Flavor Flav and “Don’t Believe the Hype”

A 60 minutes facelift is purely a marketing ploy much like any branded facelift technique. It is likely a skin excision that gives a pull for a few weeks at most. Sometimes “minimally-invasive” (another great marketing buzz phrase) yields minimal results. (Michael M. Kim, MD, Portland Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Can A Facelift Be Performed In An Hour??

Patients ask quite frequently about if a facelift can be performed in 60 minutes. What patients need to realize first is that surgery is not a race. Facelift surgery is intricate surgery which requires concentration, patience, and the utmost attention to detail by the operating surgeon.


Facial surgery is not something that can be rushed as the results are visibly evident. Can it be performed in 60 minutes? The answer is yes, but I question the quality of the results. The public is subject to mass marketing of cosmetic surgery and has been inundated with the terms lunchtime facelift, lifestyle lift, quick lift, etc.

All of these procedures refer to a type of Mini Facelift. A Mini Facelift is a wonderful procedure for patients to undergo if they are candidates. Candidates for a Mini Facelift usually include those patients with mild jowling, mild sagging of the skin of the face, and mild laxity of the neck skin.

In this patient population, a Mini Facelift provides excellent results with a reduced recovery period and operating time compared to the traditional facelift surgery. Typically, Mini Facelifts take approximately 2 hours.

I suggest that surgeon expertise and skill take precedence over the time it takes to perform the procedure. (Anthony Corrado, DO, Philadelphia Facial Plastic Surgeon)

No Knife Facelift

I do have more colourful words I could use to describe “a 60 minutes facelift” and the sort of doctors that offer it… but lets just say it sounds like a gimmick to me. I suspect the practitioner that offers this service is likely just talking about facial fillers and anti-wrinkle injections. (Pouria Moradi, MBBS, FRACS, Sydney Plastic Surgeon)

There are many marketing terms used by physicians to help get patients in the door. Anything that sounds too good to be true is likely just that – a marketing tool to draw your attention.

There are many ways to do a facelift depending on the extent of correction that is needed, the degree of aging changes and skin tone. A mini-lift can be done in 90 minutes. 60 minutes is possibly surgical manipulation time alone but prepping, marking, and injecting takes additional time.

Restylane Before And After

Skin-only facelifts can also be done but are not long-lasting and can definitely be done in 60 minutes. I would be wary of any claims for short surgery times. You want results that will last and being meticulous and more thorough is better than be fast and getting shoddy results. (Kristina Tansavatdi, MD, Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon)

There are many versions of Facelifts, some take 6 hours or longer while others about 90 minutes. A facelift that can be done in 60 minutes light be limited to suture or threads that suspend facial tissues and may not allow removal of excess skin.

For the past decade, we have used a minimally invasive Facelift with small incisions, limited tissue dissection, performed in 90 minutes, that has the most important features of a 6 hour facelif that include: Incisions that contour around the front, of the ear, to allow removal of excess skin.

Restylane Lyft

Dissect, lift, trim and re-suture the underlying SMAS muscle layer. We add, shaping the midface (cheek area) by removing excess facial fat while creating ideally shaped cheeks with filler (I prefer Perlane) or Cheek Implants. (Francis R. Palmer, III, MD, Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon)

There is no 1 hour facelift that is worth it. The surgery is an artistic encounter for the patient and the surgeon. In my past, I have always taken 2-3 hours to perform the surgery making sure no shorcuts are taken.

After all, the patient comes first and you should be happy with the result. Avoid the obvious marketting for business. (Thomas A. Narsete, MD, Denver Plastic Surgeon)

Meaningful facelift in 1 hour??…doubtful.

Most of us that do a large number of facelifts a year do more than one type of facelift. In my office we do 4 different types of facelifts and choose them to fit the appropriate patients.


I can tell you that NONE of them take 60 minutes. A facelift that takes only 1 hour or that can be done “over lunchtime” will not last very long and do not usually address the muscle layer called the SMAS which is vital to getting a long lasting quality result. (Eric Egozi, MD, Tampa Plastic Surgeon)

Facial rejuvenation surgery is not a ‘one sie fits all’ proposition. A facelift most commonly refers to a cheek & neck lift.

A 60 minutes facelift refers to a cheek lift, where the focus is on rejuvenating the cheek area.

For individuals with minor aging changes to the cheek this more minimal surgical intervention, perhaps combined with some fillers, may be just the ticket. For others with more advanced aging changes a more aggresive technique would be appropriate.

Sculptra Before And After

Discuss your concerns with your surgeon, who will tailor a plan that fits your desires and needs. (Thomas E. Kaniff, MD, FACS, Sacramento Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Sounds great! Who would not want a quick -lifting easy procedure done in the office in about an hour in order to look years younger???? I would! Maybe the next marketed procedure would be a “drive through lift”….. If a patient is only interested in speed, then by all means go for the quickest procedure possible. But if quality and safety are more important, pursue this. Remember: if it sounds too good to be true.:). (Donn R. Chatham, MD, Louisville Facial Plastic Surgeon)

60 minutes Facelift: Fact and Fiction

There are almost as many different facelift procedures as there are plastic surgeons… but there is one really important point here: anyone who promises a facelift in an hour is either selling you on a very, very minimal procedure (with very, very minimal results) or is just not being truthful.


Facial surgery takes precision, artistry, and dedication. Please beware of fast-talking and marketing gimmicks! (Evan Ransom, MD, Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Time is not as Important as Skill and Quality

60 minutes lift can refer to many different types of both surgical and non-surgical facial tightening procedures. Many physicians refer to a 60 minutes lift when they discuss radiofrequency procedures like thermage and Exilis. these are non surgical minimal invasive procedures that can improve skin laxity.

While they are great procedures they are not the same as surgery; they are limited in the amount of tightening. The benefit is there is no or limited down time compared to a surgical tightening.

Surgical facelifts have many brand names. For the majority of clients it would take more than 60 minutes in total to get optimum results.

The 60 Minute Facelift Facial

More important:

Check MDs Board Certification
Are procedures performed in An Accredited Operating Room
Can you speak with past clients
Check before / after pictures. (Mark Berkowitz, MD, Sterling Heights Oculoplastic Surgeon)

What is a 60 minutes facelift?

I have no idea what a 60 minutes facelift is other than the person claiming to do something to “lift” your face, is also claiming that it will only take 60 minutes to perform that procedure.

Terms like, 60 minutes or lunch time lifts, are purely words to market their procedure. There are many ways to perform a face lift and typically the technique used is chosen by the surgeon because they feel that it is the most appropriate way to address your concerns and it also may be the way that surgeon is most comfortable performing the facelift.

The 60-minute Facelift

More important than the time it takes to perform your procedure are the expectations and the results to match. Make sure you understand what you are paying for. Make sure you are going to an experienced board certified plastic surgeon. (Michael A. Epstein, MD, FACS, Chicago Plastic Surgeon)

It is a filler ‘face lift’ – Juvederm, Restylane or Radiesse are injected to plump up lines and wrinkles. It will last 6-12 months, The ‘traditional’ face lift and procedures often done with it like eye lid and temple lifts are the best treatment for facial changes, mini-lifts (S lift, MACS lift, etc) use shorter scars, take less time and accomplish less.

I do all these ‘face lifts. The best permanent results are the traditional face lift. (Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD, Atlanta Plastic Surgeon)

Surgical facial rejuvenation is an important decision

There are many “coined” terms for various plastic surgery procedures. What a “60 minutes face lift” may represent can be different from one plastic surgeon to another. I would encourage you to decide what you would like to accomplish from a facial rejuvenation procedure and then seek consultation with several well trained board certified plastic surgeon to obtain your options in doing so. (Remus Repta, MD, Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon)

60 minutes facelift- Only With Injectables

The REAL answer is that no surgical facelift can be performed in 60 minutes. Simply impossible! Some patients refer to a series of injections; fillers, volumizing agents and neuromodulators, as a “Liquid” or “60 minutes” Facelift.

That is certainly possible and routinely performed at our center. Agents such as; Sculptra, Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, Belotero, Botox, Xeomin and Dysport, are used. When seeking advice, make sure the provider has extensive training and experience in the use of all of these products. (Z. Paul Lorenc, MD, Manhattan Plastic Surgeon)

A 60 minutes facelift is a Marketing Approach: Get the Facts Here

This term is not a technical term that describes a specific type of facelift. It could be used to describe a mini facelift, thread lift, or possibly the use of injectable fillers to minimize the impact of facial aging.

The term represents a marketing approach that we see frequently in plastic surgery, where descriptive terms like smart, lunch hour, and laser are added to standard terms like facelift to make them sound as if they represent new technology. (Richard J. Bruneteau, MD, Omaha Plastic Surgeon)