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Name: Bader Medical Institute of Dubai
Display name: Bader Medical Institute of Dubai
Mission: Bader Medical Institute of Dubai is dedicated to offering special Medical and Cosmetic Gynecology services and aims to deliver unique solutions using cutting edge technologies. Dr Alex Bader is globally renowned and have high reputations in the international arena in their specific area of expertise. Dr Alex Bader is visiting Dubai in a monthly basis.
Medical director: Alex Bader, MD


Office hours: Mon: 10:30am – 6:30pm
Tue: 10:30am – 6:30pm
Sun: 10:30am – 6:30pm
Phone: +971 50 759 9137
Address: Dubai Health Care City, Building 73, Dubai, , UAE, 00000
City: Dubai
Country code: AE
Phone: +971507599137
Neighborhood: Dubai Healthcare City
Country: UAE
GPS coordinates on map: 25.2328985,55.3196196

  • Botox for Vaginismus
  • G-Shot
  • Labia Puffing
  • Labiaplasty
  • O-Shot
  • Perineoplasty
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation
  • Vaginoplasty

Bader Medical Institute of Dubai

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Medical director: Alex Bader, MD


Alex Bader, MD

Statement: Dr. Alex Bader, MD is a GMC-registered specialist OB-GYN and the co-founder of the Bader Medical Institute of London in the West End, with an additional office in Dubai. He has more than two decades of experience operating on patients from more than 45 different countries, and has performed over 3,000 operations. Dr. Bader is best known for his work performing vaginal rejuvenation and cosmetic gynecology, as well as urogynecology and laparoscopy.

After receiving his MD from the University of Ioannina in Greece, Dr. Bader was professionally trained in aesthetic gynecology in Los Angeles. He frequently shares his expertise with his colleagues and future OB-GYNs by speaking at conferences around the world. He is the founder and executive director of the European Society of Aesthetic Gynecologists. Dr. Bader is also on the executive council of the elite professional organization Top Cosmetic Gynecologists, a group of talented surgeons responsible for many of the innovative surgical techniques used today.

Began aesthetic medicine in: 1996
Rating: 4.5

Practice’s answers

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Do I need a clitoral hood reduction with my labiaplasty?
Clitoral Hoodectomy
Jul 23, 2023
Hi and thank you for sharing photos. All depends on how much labial tissues is going to be taken. Nevertheless Clitoral hood will show more prominent to an extend unless a clitoral Hoodectomy is done. If was your surgeon, I wouldn’t go with the Labiaplasty without a clitoral Hoodectomy done on the same time.
Does it matter if my doctor is a cosmetic gyno not a cosmetic surgeon if he does labiaplasty surgery a l
Cosmetic Gynecologist
Jul 21, 2022
Dear,Cosmetic Gynaecologists is specialised in the area exactly because of there educational and training background. So definitely this would be an option for you to have a Labiaplasty done as long as you trust the surgeon. Cosmetic Surgeons usually do other body areas and might have also experience and knowledge in the female genital surgery. So it is entirely up to you whether you chose one or the other. All what you need to make sure is that the surgeon you chose has experience in the…
Vaginoplasty/perineoplasty before or after next pregnancy (via c section)?
Vaginoplasty after Birth
May 3, 2022
Thank you for the question. If you are planing for any future pregnancy and natural birth, then ai would definitely recommend you wait for after finishing your family plans. Vaginoplasty will help you to regain your pelvic floor support but it will be useless if you go for a vaginal birth. If you are still keen to get Vaginoplasty regardless, then you need to know that preserving the results would be possible only if you chose to go with an elective Caesarean section. This is obviously would…
Heavily considering Labiaplasty – plastic surgeon or gynecologist?
Labiaplasty with a plastic surgeon or a Gynecologist
Mar 20, 2022
Thank you for the question. I think you need to consider having your surgery with a skilled in this procedure surgeon regardless of the background. You need to check and trust the surgeon’s skills. Invest in some consultations and ask to see before and after results form their own job with their name on it. A research should have be done before you undergo a surgery of this nature. In my 15 years career as a reconstructive and Cosmetic Gynecologist I have see cases with bad results which u…
22 female self-conscious about labia – is it worth going through all the pain and recovery?
female self-conscious about labia – is it worth going through all the pain and recovery?
Sep 11, 2021
Thank you for sharing the photos. The answer to your question should be related only to how you feel. If the situation causes some sort of discomfort and you are happy to improve this, then YES, it would sound like a good decision to have Vaginal designer surgery done. If the situation causes extreme distress and your concern is affecting seriously your mental health, then you might need to seek a special psychological help prior to any surgery. So you need to really understand what is best…

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