CAPMED (Hair Transplant and Aesthetic Medicine) Santiago De Los Caballeros, Dominican Republic

Name: CAPMED (Hair Transplant and Aesthetic Medicine)
Display name: CAPMED (Hair Transplant and Aesthetic Medicine)


Phone: +1 809-226-3616
Address: Calle General Eusebio Manzueta Edificio Vicente Barreto 1 (esq, Jose O. García, Santiago De Los Caballeros, Dominican Republic, Dominican Republic, 51700
City: Santiago De Los Caballeros
State: Dominican Republic
Country code: DO
Postal code: 51700
Phone: (809) 226-3616
Country: Dominican Republic
GPS coordinates on map: 19.4612518,-70.6907267

CAPMED (Hair Transplant and Aesthetic Medicine)

  • Chemical Peel
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Hair Loss Treatment
  • Hair Transplant
  • Lip Fillers
  • Skin Rejuvenation

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Lisette Pappaterra, MD

Statement: Dr. Pappaterra provide her patients advanced micro-engineering techniques in hair restoration and skin treatments. She strives to provide the best results possible through personalized plan to create refreshed and youthful appearance as well as improved self-esteem.
Rating: 5.0

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Minoxidil shedding has not stopped after 2 months of discontinuation – can expect a full return
Your hair will be ok
Jan 13, 2023
Started minox 5% on beard twice a day for about 5 days. Noticed hair shedding in shower and immediately stopped use. It’s been about 2 months since I have stopped; I only notice hair shed in the shower. 22 year old male, with no history of mpb. Wondering if I can expect a full return to my baseline hair state. Or did I just ruin my hair forever.
Minoxidil, sometimes causes shedding, on the hair, but it depends on the hair cycle growth, so defenetly you havent ruin your hair. Its just the n…
What is more effective? Oral or topical minoxidil?
Oral Minoxidil
Jan 13, 2023
Its a great treatment when indicated. The doctor determines what type of hair loss you have, and the decide the treatment if oral or topical. Oral is more effective but has more sideeffects.
Can I use glycolic acid for dandruff and if so can I use my dandruff shampoo right after ?
Depends on the type of ac glycolic.
Jan 13, 2023
Glycolic acid is great for dandruff, when indicated the right way. Its always better to use the formulations of shampoo with ac. gycolic, remember no to use the one for facial. That way youll have good results.
What’s causing the gradual thinning of my hair for the last 7-8 years? What can be done? (photos
Jan 8, 2022
Hello Dear, you should definitely go to a dermatologist consultation, or hair specialist. There are different types of Alopecia, and probably you’re going through different at the same time, you should have some blood test done, do a tricoscopy of your hair and other things. Don’t let time pass by. Do something about it sooner, rather than later.
Left Minoxidil on my heater for 3 hours – will the heat affect the medication?
Jan 7, 2022
Hello patient. Yes indeed you should discard this product. It has a very high concentration of alcohol (a tspecific type) so you’er scalp will absorb it. So defenetly if you want results, and don’t go back on your treatment for almost 1 month, is better to discard it. I will defenetly recommed this to my patients. Sometimes i even tell my patients to put it away from the sun.Kid regards!

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