Doctor Yu

Name: Kenneth Yu, MD
Last name: Yu
Began aesthetic medicine in: 2002
Years experience: 18
Primary Specialty: Facial Plastic Surgeon
Business: Dr. Yu Plastic Surgery
Address: 21727 IH – 10 W
Address suite: Ste. 218
Phone: (210) 899-0304
International phone number: +12108990304
City: San Antonio
State: Texas
Zip Code: 78257
Country: US
Statement: Dr. Yu is an elite Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in San Antonio, Austin, and Houston.
Consulting Fees: -1$
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Special Offer Treatments: Restylane, Sculptra Aesthetic, Dysport, Restylane Silk, Restylane Lyft, Restylane Refyne, Restylane Defyne
End Time: 12/31/2020
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Clinical Privileges
  • North Central Baptist Hospital, Forest Park
  • Undergraduate: United Air Force Academy, 1991
  • Medical: MD, Boston University
Postdoc Training
  • Internship: Wilford Hall Medical Center
  • Residency: Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery, University of California, San Francisco
  • Fellowship: Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, San Francisco
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GPS coordinates on map: 29.6448553,-98.62252

Kenneth Yu, MD

Primary location
Location name: San Antonio
State: TX
Country: US
Map point: 29.425,-98.49369812

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  • San Antonio, TX, US. GPS coordinates: 29.425,-98.49369812

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  • Botox (Dec 2015) – 5/5
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Chin implant revision - Do XL implants sit closer to any nerves as opposed to a M implant?
Revision chin implant
Sep 23, 2019
Hello.  A revision chin implant is straightforward.  A surgeon can remove the implant and then insert a larger implant at the same time.  You should expect noticeable swelling for a few weeks.  As for nerve injury, the risk is similar regardless of size.  The surgeon must be careful in creating the pocket.  If you have an extended anatomic chin implant--one with flanges that extend posteriorly to the jowls--there is potentially slightly increased risk.  Talk to your surgeon to get more a...
Would I be a good candidate for buccal fat removal?
Buccal fat pad removal
Aug 8, 2019
Hello.  Based on your photo, I think you are a good candidate for buccal fat pad removal. It's a nice in office procedure that can achieve a subtle refinement of your face.  Be sure to see a board certified facial plastic or plastic surgeon for consultation.  Take care.
I had some sips of green tea by accident, 4 days before surgery. Will I be okay?
Sips of green tea
Aug 5, 2019
Hello.  You should be fine, but it's still a good idea to let your surgeon know.  I expect him or her to reassure you and your surgery should go fine.  Take care.
One year post surgery and still too big. What should I do?
Thick skin rhinoplasty
Jul 26, 2019
Hello.  Unfortunately, thick skin can be challenging to achieve a significant change.  Additionally, while we tell most patients that it takes at least a year to see final results, it may take up to two years for very thick skinned patients.  The best advice is to see another board certified facial plastic or plastic surgeon with experience doing revision nose jobs for a 2nd opinion.  If he/she confirms your surgeon's assessment, then you have to wait.  Good luck.
Can I fix the squishy end to my nose?
Excellent candidate for rhinoplasty
Jul 8, 2019
Hello.  Based on your photos, I think you would be an excellent candidate to help refine your nose and improve your profile.  The most important thing is to see a board certified facial plastic or plastic surgeon with experience performing rhinoplasties.  Take care.
Suggestions for lower eyelids?
Blepharoplasty or fillers
Jun 28, 2019
Hello.  In my opinion, surgery with possible laser or chemical peel is the best option.  However, a very popular and effective alternative is using fillers to camouflage the bags.  The best thing is to see a board certified doctor with experience treating these conditions for a detailed in office exam.  Facial plastic, plastic, oculoplastic surgeons are all excellent choices.  If you just want fillers, then a board certified dermatologist is also a good option.  Take care.
Am I good candidate for Kybella? I struggle with fat under my chin.
Kybella for your fat
Jun 27, 2019
Hello.  The key issue is your skin elasticity. If you have good skin tone still (which your photo suggests), then you are a good candidate.  You don't appear to have significant fat, so 2 sessions sounds reasonable.  The study that resulted in getting FDA clearance showed patients required 2 to 6 sessions to achieve their goals.  If your skin is starting to be too loose, then Kybella may result in more saggy skin.  The only way to determine if this is a risk for you is to see a board cert...
Is it difficult to remove an L shaped implant that has been placed in the nose 14 years ago?
Remove L shaped implant
Jun 21, 2019
Hello.  Revision rhinoplasties are always a bit tricky because one can never be sure what one will encounter.  Generally, these implants can be removed without minimal difficulty and your own or cadaveric rib cartilage can be placed at same time.  If extensive dissection is needed because the implant is too scarred in, then your surgeon may prefer to just take it out and let things heal before returning to place rib implant.  It's really important you see a board certified facial plastic or ...
Filler for volume loss and more youthful appearance?
Fillers and Botox
Jun 7, 2019
Hello.  I find that to achieve the best rejuvenating results, a comprehensive treatment strategy is ideal.  Voluma to the cheeks to lift (rather than excess volumize), along with other HA fillers (ie Vollure) to midcheeks and parotid areas can achieve a subtle but effective lift to your face.  In addition, strategic injections with Botox to relax the upper face, as well as depressor muscles of your mouth can all be complimentary treatments.  Make sure you seek a board certified doctor wit...
Would I qualify for an eyebrow lift for eyelids that feel extremely heavy?
Eyebrow lift
May 30, 2019
Hello.  Thank you for your question.  It's always hard to give definitive answers using photos online.  It appears you are quite young and usually we don't recommend surgery for young patients.  I think it's a bit too aggressive at this age.  However, fillers in the temple areas can help achieve another degree of lift in addition to Botox and you might want to consider that first before surgery.  Surgery can always be done, but you have to be aware of all the risks and complications, and t...
Should I get a neck lift at 43?
Neck lift options
May 30, 2019
Hello.  You are not alone in your concerns.  It's hard to answer your question without an in office exam because one key issue is your skin elasticity and that is best determined with an exam.  Make sure you see a board certified facial plastic or plastic surgeon for your consultation.  But in general, you may be a candidate for Kybella (which I know you're not too interested in), submental liposuction, various energy based devices (ie Ultherapy, ThermiTight, etc), and finally surgery.  Surg...
Day 3 Post Rhinoplasty. Please Look at the Pictures and please tell if this nostril dis-formation will g
Day 3 post rhinoplasty healing
May 30, 2019
Hello, I can understand your concern.  While most rhinoplasties will have swelling and will require many months to heal, usually things are fairly symmetrical.  However, in your case, this is your third rhinoplasty so it's very hard to apply that general observation.  Revision surgeries are very challenging and will need even more time to assess the final result.  The best thing is to keep your follow up with your surgeon and convey your concerns and questions.  He/she knows exactly what...
Fat loss in cheek due to acne scarring, recommended treatment?
Fat loss in cheek
May 3, 2019
Hello.  You can try fillers, or fat injection.  For the skin texture, CO2 laser is an excellent option.  Finally, surgery to lift the cheeks is also a reasonable option.  Take care.
My wedding is June 30th is it too late for me to get Botox since it is my first time?
Not too late to get Botox
May 2, 2019
Hello!  It's not too late to get Botox now.  It takes about 3-4 days for Botox to take effect, maybe up to a week for some.  And the results should last 3-4 months.  Make sure you go to a trusted injector--preferably one referred by someone you trust, or look for board certified facial plastic / plastic surgeon, or dermatologist with experience injecting.  There are no permanent side effects from Botox, which is why you'll find so many people doing it.  But an inexperienced injector can c...
Am I too young to get any form of fillers? I'm 18 years old and I hate my smile lines.
Filler is good option
Apr 19, 2019
Hello.  I would recommend a filler like Vollure (1 ml) to help improve your smile lines.  But comparable hyaluronic filler from Galderma (ie Restylane) can also be used.  Make sure you see an experienced injector--either board certified doctor or a professional working under supervision of a board certified doctor who himself/herself is experienced injector.  Take care.

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