Does Nuface Microcurrent Device Work?

NuFACE microcurrent devices don’t work like a Facelift. Facelift is Surgery, and is permanent. A microcurrent is a small delivery of some current which may have an effect(these procedures can be quite unresearched- beware).

This effect will, if present at all, be transient. Also, if you need a Facelift, which needs to address the underlying causes of loss of structure and integrity to your soft tissues and bony tissue in the area, then I do not know of any microcurrent that can do this job.

Fillers work well, and may be sufficient for some patients. And for some, they need the Facelift to address the sagging in the face, lower face and jowls, and then some fillers to give volume so they don’t look so hollow(that hollowness comes with ageing and loss of natural collagen and hyaluroniuc acid).

Before And After Nuface Microcurrent Facial Toning

It sounds like you may be better off having a face-to-face consultation with an experienced Plastic Surgeon and his team. That way you can direct your energy and money in a direction that will give you the best options.

Get appropriately skilled people to help you make the right decisions for yourself. (Mark Edinburg, MBBCH, FRACS, Sydney Plastic Surgeon)

NuFACE Microcurrents device do not provide any permanent tightening or lifting of the face. Stronger radiofrequency currents such as Ulthera provide some improvement by creating zones of thermal damage below the skin. Although there is less downtime I have found the results very minimal and often times nonexistent.

For the money facelift is still the best option. (Jeffrey Marvel, MD, Nashville Facial Plastic Surgeon)

The 2 modalities are quite different, however, I’m sure it has not been specifically studied and definitively answered. (Bryan Correa, MD, Houston Plastic Surgeon)

Microcurrent Therapy Nuface

Microcurrent facelifts don’t do anything similar to a smas facelift. Facelifts remove excess tissue in the deeper layers as well as excess skin. Many of these procedures aren’t even facelifts at all. You don’t have to wait between procedures for either one. (George T. Boris, MD, FRCS, Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Actually, nothing works like a facelift. Various modalities like heat, ultrasound, radiofrequency or microcurrent achieve a small skin tightening due to the ability of heat to stimulate collagen contraction. Even a fully ablative CO2 laser cannot achieve the results of a surgical facelift and that is far more powerful than NuFACE microcurrent device.

Younger people may get more benefit from these non-surgical modalities, but when you have a half inch or more of skin laxity to pinch up in front of the ears or lateral neck, you need a face/necklift. (Robert M. Lowen, MD, Mountain View Plastic Surgeon)

Microcurrent Works Sub-sensory

A Facial Microcurrent does not work like a facelift

No, these two procedures are very different and should not be compared. A Facial Microcurrent benefits the blood flow to the skin. However, the effects only last hours and don’t effect the position or elasticity of the skin or the structures that have changed due to ageing.

A Facial Microcurrent will stimulate facial muscles and temporarily improve facial tone and blood. (Yannis Alexandrides, MD, London Plastic Surgeon)

Unfortunately, like most like a lot of things, this is more hype than promise. There is not much to support the concept . You may be better served to view other options. In non invasive technology is more of an option that surgery, try adding volume first. (Sandy Sule, MD, Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon)

NuFACE Microcurrent vs. Facelift

Sorry to disappoint you, but I don’t believe that there is any benefit to facial micro current. The issue with facial aging is that gravity has caused the skin, fatty tissue and muscles of the face to sag.

NuFACE Is Used In Top Spas And Medical Offices For Facial Contouring

The best way to take care of these issues is to surgically lift the sagging tissues. If you don’t want surgery, Ultherapy which is a non-invasive treatment that uses ultrasound waves to lift and tighten is the next best thing. (Jonathan Pontell, MD, FACS, Philadelphia Facial Plastic Surgeon)

There are many treatments out there that over-sell and under-produce

How wonderful would it be there was a product that could take away excess skin and fat in a noninvasive way? So much money is spent to convince the public that we have such a product, but the fact of the matter is that we have nothing close to what you can achieve with surgery.

You’ll see wonderful before and after pictures, but always ask yourself: Did the photographer change the lighting between before and after? Is there lens distortion in one or the other? Did the model wear the same makeup? Did the model have fillers or other treatments to complement the procedure? You get the point.

NuFACE Microcurrent Is One Of The Hottest Innovations In The Anti-aging Industry

Marketing techniques can be deceptive and pray on what you want to believe, not what is necessarily true. (Anand D. Patel, MD, Brookfield Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Microcurrent facelifts

You can do microcurrent facelifts soon after having facial injections. I don’t think that will be a problem if you wait a few days. Does a microcurrent facial work like a facelift? Not at all.

A facelift physically and permanently lifts muscles and skin, and fat, and removes redundant skin. Microcurrent facials do not. There is no harm in undergoing the microcurrent facials. I just wouldn’t spend much money on the procedures.

You are usually sold a “package” of them. There is no money back guarantee. Most patients do not see any lasting effects from those treatments, so end up going to the facelift. The only thing lost is the money spent on the facials. (Gilbert Lee, MD, San Diego Plastic Surgeon)

Nuface Microcurrent Before And After Photos

Micro current facelift and other fringe technologies

The public and plastic surgeons alike are bombarded by promises of new technologies. It’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t. Knowing the truth is especially important to plastic surgeons as we must make large investments in unproven technologies to stay competitive.

For the general public, I offer this bit of advice in deciding whether to spend your money on a procedure. If most plastic surgeons are doing it, it must be effective. We all use Juvederm, we all use Botox, and we all have lasers.

These treatments have withstood the test of time and most importantly, the marketplace. Very few surgeons, however, have NuFACE microcurrent devices.(Ben Lee, MD, Denver Plastic Surgeon)

I am not aware of any scientific evidence that NuFACE microcurrent technology will provide significant lasting facial rejuvenation. Many non-surgical treatment options such as laser technology, radiofrequency, and ultrasound offer the hope of avoiding the physical, emotional, and financial investment of a surgical facelift.

Nuface Microcurrent Facial Lift

However, these options will typically only offer short-term improvement in younger patients with very early signs of facial aging. I would suggest consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon to thoroughly discuss your goals and all surgical as well as non-surgical options for treatment. (Scott D. Holley, MD, FACS, Portage Plastic Surgeon)

If the micro current facelift is a non surgical lift, I can assure you it doesn’t work. I have yet to see thenon surgical approach to a facelift that really works. If it really existed, I would be out of business. Sounds like more hope and hype than reality.(Ronald J. Edelson, MD, San Diego Plastic Surgeon)

Microcurrent treatments do not work like a facelift. There is no substitute for surgery if you need a facelift. If you are not a candidate, then the microcurrent may be an option, but only if you do not have significant signs of facial aging.

Nuface Microcurrent Facial Toning Device Reviews

You will not get a surgical result. If you are going to proceed with microcurrent treatments, I would wait at least 1 week after any filler injections before proceeding. (Louis C. Cutolo, Jr., MD, FACS, New York Plastic Surgeon)

The scientific evidence behind the role of NuFACE microcurrent device in rejuvenation is not convincing at this time and you can have fillers any time after the use of microcurrent. (Bahman Guyuron, MD, Cleveland Plastic Surgeon)

There is no established body of evidence that microcurrent technology actually helps with facial aging. I would recommend sticking with a technology that has a proven track record such as Thermage or consult with a surgeon regarding a facelift.

All too often patients spend money on things with no clinical data and no meaningful improvement. (Christopher Khorsandi, MD, Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon)

Nuface Microcurrent Facial Toning System Before After

NuFACE microcurrent therapy does not offer the facial rejuvenation that a facelift can. The results are not long lasting either. (Jose E. Barrera, MD, FACS, San Antonio Facial Plastic Surgeon)

With so many different non-surgical options it can feel overwhelming to decide a treatment that is best suited to your needs.

We often have many patients calling with questions about a new treatment option and wanting to know if it really works.

At our practice we think it is best to always schedule a consultation so that your areas of concern are able to be evaluated and we can provide you with treatment options that will work for your situation.

As a general rule the current non-invasive treatments for a facelift can not compete with the results of the surgical options, but depending on the severity and results desired there can be alternatives to a facelift. (Hannah Vargas, MD, Kansas City Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Nuface Microcurrent Instant Face-lift Procedure

Facial micro current treatment vs facelift

There has been some recent press on the possible benefit of minor electrical stimulation for tissue laxity. None of these benefits have been proven and there is no adequate science to support the claims. Other techniques which heat the soft tissues significantly have been proven to yield benefit although none as much as a standard facelift.

Soft tissue fillers such as juvederm may be of benefit until you are ready for a surgical facelift. (Andrew Goldberg, MD, Fairfax Plastic Surgeon)

Moving sagging tissues into more appropriate and attractive positions cannot as of yet be accomplished without surgical re-positioning. There are no studies of a long term nature available on the technology you are inquiring about. (Patti A. Flint, MD, Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon)

Nuface Microcurrent Machine

I generally say that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Although I do not have first hand knowledge about this treatment, I would definitely consult a board certified plastic surgeon to get a more thorough answer. (Christopher J. Davidson, MD, FACS, Boston Plastic Surgeon)

I doubt this is going to work and at this time no studies support this. Don’t waste your time or money. Stimulating the underlying muscles will have no effect on sagging skin. If this technology worked, all of my colleagues would have machines! (Kurtis Martin, MD, Cincinnati Plastic Surgeon)

I’d love to tell you that applying an electrical charge to your facial skin will give you results even remotely approach a true facelift but if it did I’d be doing it here at my NJ facial plastic surgery practice and so would every other board certified facial plastic surgeon I know.

Nuface Microcurrent Skin Toning Device

I don’t offer it because (A) it hasn’t been proven in studies to work and (B) I want my patients to get predictable results for the money they spend at my Teaneck plastic surgery office.

I don’t know how old you are, the quality of your skin or your unique facial aging pattern. However, if fillers are doing a good job in terms of lifting those areas of the face that concern you, I’m not sure what the purpose of the microcurrent facelift would be.

If Botox and fillers are no longer providing the results you need, I’d recommend either laser skin rejuvenation or a chemical peel, which we “know” works, or a “true” facelift. You don’t state whether you have neck aging or not, which would also be addressed in a surgical facelift.

If you’re committed to having this electric facelift, I’d advise not having injectables anytime within two weeks before or after electrifying yourself. (Laurence M. Milgrim, MD, Teaneck Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Microcurrent Facelifts Do Not Give Facelift Results

A microcurrent facelift does not address the aging process of the deeper tissues – muscle, SMAS,etc. Various version of the microcurrent facelift have been around for years, but have not diminshed the need for cosmetic facial surgery.

Microcurrent facelifts are sexy sounding because they are marketed as an non-invasive alternative to achieve results approaching that of facial surgery. Unfortunately, people have paid good money for their microcurrent facelift only to eventually have the facial surgery needed to achieve their goal.

While microcurrent facelifts probably do no harm they certainly promise more than they deliver. (Thomas E. Kaniff, MD, FACS, Sacramento Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Nuface Mini Microcurrent Facial Toning Device

The data regarding micro current treatment is not yet established. In my practice, I utilize Ultherapy but I make sure each patient I treat understands that the results from this non-invasive treatment are as complete as you would expect with a true surgical face lift.

Education is your best friend – make sure you have extensive conversations with your plastic surgeon to get you the best outcome to meet your expectations. (Adam David Lowenstein, MD, FACS, Santa Barbara Plastic Surgeon)

Although some research has shown the ability to heal wounds with NuFACE microcurrent, ultrasound, and LASER, I do not think there is sufficient evidence that microcurrent technology will replace the surgical facelift. The surgical facelift involves tightening the platysma as a neck sling and an actual mechanical lifting using the SMAS layer.

Photo Of Nuface Microcurrent Technology

This combination gives a tight neck and a real rejuvenation to the face. (Thomas Guillot, MD, Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon)

I have consulted with many patients who unfortunately wasted money on NuFACE microcurrent treatments and other “home shopping type” procedures performed in salons with little if any results.

Microcurrent treatments do not have the scientific data and results behind them like Exilis and Thermage. These two procedures can give effective results. While a surgical facelift will give the best results, for those who do not want surgery, research Exilis and Thermage before microcurrents.

IF you were to move forward with microcurrent I would have the juvederm placed after such a procedure. (Mark Berkowitz, MD, Sterling Heights Oculoplastic Surgeon)

Anything that offers a NuFACE microcurrent is NOT a facelift and should not be remotely thought of as a facelift alternative. It is marketing and it is hype and it is doubtful that you will be happy with the results! (Lawrence Kass, MD, Saint Petersburg Oculoplastic Surgeon)

Toning And Firming Of Aging Skin

Do not be fooled about Micro-currents, this technique can not and will not lift and reposition the facial tissues. Some mild tightening may occur and if that’s all its being sold as then proceed with caution.

We all embrace these new gadgets with guarded skepticism , we have our gold standards that we know will work in our hands. A traditional face lift will not be replaced by a Micro-currents face lift.

Check out your provider very carefully, since this technology is fairly new there will not be a lot of long term results. Ask to talk to some of their patients who have had the procedure. (Charles Virden, MD, Reno Plastic Surgeon)

Nothing short of a facelift will work like a facelift! Dont be oversold on facial microcurrent if you are looking for facelift results! (Amy T. Bandy, DO, FACS, Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon)

Unfortunately, as in most advertising, the hype does not live up to the reality. Microcurrent has been tested and shown to help with wound healing but there is nothing in the medical literature about NuFACE microcurrent devices reversing the signs of aging.

Nuface Microcurrent Treatment

As most of the physicians have pointed out, there is also no evidence about the interaction of Juvederm and microcurrent. I would suggest doing the microcurrent before any injections just to be safe. (D.J. Verret, MD, Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Microcurrent facial machines don’t work

None of the noninvasive treatments to the skin will ever approach the results of a surgical facelift.

I have no experience with a NuFACE Microcurrent device, but do have considerable experience with a Thermage unit which is considered the Gold standard of these devices (I have no financial investments in any of these companies).

With the Thermage, we see benefit in most patients with some skin tightening, but much less than a facelift. The thin skin of the eyelids respond better than the thick skin of the cheeks. Even the thin skin of the inner arms and the inner thighs resonds well.

As far as timing after skin fillers such as Juvederm, I would suggest waiting 4-6 weeks. Normally we would inject juvederm after the Thermage. (William H. Huffaker, MD, Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon)