Dr Epstein in Tucson, Arizona

Name: Andrew M. Epstein, DO
Last name: Epstein
Began aesthetic medicine in: 2013
Years experience: 10
Primary Specialty: Physician
Business: Mountain View Dermatology & Aesthetics
Address: 2375 N Wyatt Dr.
Address suite: Ste. 107
City: Tucson
State: Arizona
Zip Code: 85712
Country: US
Consulting Fees: -1$
Has Sponsored Offer : No
  • Undergraduate: BS, Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona
  • Medical: DO, Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine, Glendale, Arizona
Postdoc Training
  • Internship: Traditional Osteopathic, Larkin Community Hospital, Hialeah, Florida
GPS coordinates on map: 32.2278,-110.9440002

Primary location
Location name: Tucson
State: AZ
Country: US
Map point: 32.2278,-110.9440002

Andrew M. Epstein, DO

  • Dermal Fillers
  • PRP for Hair Loss
  • Tattoo Removal
  • VI Peel

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  • Tucson, AZ, US. GPS coordinates: 32.2278,-110.9440002

Doctor’s answers

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I am 34 with naturally fair skin, what would you recommend for my shoulders?
BBL or IPL Treatments
May 21, 2018
You are an excellent candidate for Broad Band Light (BBL)/ Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments. These treatments targets sun damage (brown spots and redness) and reduces the damage by 50% or better. It is not a one time treatment however. You will need to do 3-5 treatments depending on your response to the therapy. There is no downtime with this procedure other than after a treatment the brown spots do get darker and there is what is call micro crusting. To prevent further damage…
I had laser hair removal several years ago and I want to grow my hair back. Recommendations?
Won’t Grow Back.
May 5, 2018
Unfortunately, it is called Permanent hair loss/reduction for a reason. The hairs that you removed are gone and can not be regrown. Where was the hair removed that you want it to grow back?

– Sorry.

How soon can I use my retinol 0.025% lotion after Vitalize chemical peel?
Until the peeling stops
Apr 25, 2018
Congratulations on getting a Vitalize Peel! Typically you want to wait until you are no longer peeling before starting up again with any abrasive/possible irritating topical to the skin that was just treated. For some people that might be a week after the peel was initiated, but it is usually on a case by case basis. Once you are no longer peeling you are able to restart your retinol 0.025%. Also upon restarting if it is too irritating you might want to consider…

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