Facelift Patient Reviews

The cost of facelift surgery is not cheap by any means. This is because of the high complexity of the procedure, thus requiring the skills of highly qualified surgeons and doctors.

In this article, we will help you to find the cheapest facelift surgery clinic in the different states of US.

Most of the information here is from realself.com. What we did is to find the top rated facelift surgery doctor who is affordable and list there here for you to easily find them.

When you are asking for actual pricing quote, do note that each individual case is different.

Hence, there might be slight variations in the pricing of the treatment when you compared your quote with those that we have listed below.

Personal, True Experiences From Patients

Cheapest Facelift Cost in Seatte, Washington

Name of doctor: Dr. Mary Lee Peters

Belle is a patient of Dr. Mary Lee Peters in Seattle for a Facelift surgery worth $13,000. She seemed very pleased with all the results that even her friends kept on commenting about her good looks. Not even minding to ask if she undergone any surgery. A fully satisfied patient like her gave a good rating to her doctor. As she said, “She was highly recommended to me and I was pleased with all aspects of my visits.”

Dr. Mary Lee Peters’s clinic is located at 901 Boren Avenue, Suite 1650 Seattle, WA 98104.

Cheapest Facelift Cost in Minneapolis, MN

Name of doctor: Dr. Richard H. Tholen

Linda achieved her desired appearance for only $9,200. No more to too much fatigue impression because her energetic look is pretty consistent now. She highly recommended her doctor, as she said, “If there was a category beyond excellent Dr Tholen and his staff would have earned that rating. No question or concern was left unanswered and their confidence and professionalism relieved any anxiety I had.”

Making The Right Health And Beauty Choice

Dr. Richard H. Tholen’s clinic is located at 4825 Olson Memorial Highway, Suite 200 Minneapolis, MN 55422.

Cheap Facelift Cost in Ellicott City, MD

Name of doctor: Dr. Fady A Sinno

Magin, a 64 year old woman, decided to undergo facelift at a cost of $9,800. Before the plastic surgery, she was very conscious with herself since she appeared to look bigger because of her extra fat under her chin. Now after the surgery done by Dr. Sinno, shes very happy with the result. As she noted, “Dr. Sinno was very thorough in explaining the procedures. He was very patient in answering all my questions. The surgery went perfectly. I had very little pain and I knew to expect swelling and brusing. I had extensive libosuction on my neck and a full facelift. His staff treated me so well. They made me feel like I was part of a family.”

Dr. Fady A Sinno’s clinic is located at 5094 Dorsey Hall Drive, Suite 105 Ellicott City, MD 21042.

Mini Facelift Surgery Patients Reviews

Cheapest Facelift Cost in Laguna Beach, CA

Name of doctor: Dr. Daniel C. Mills

A first time patient of Dr. Mills had her plastic surgery because of her sagging neckline and jawline. Despite of some problems like active FX on her chest while having a facelift, the surgery was still successful. She actually had a fast recovery plus the great result of the $7,000 worth of surgery.

As a very content patient, she claimed that “Dr Mills and his staff were always professional, friendly, focused and made me feel informed and at ease with every visit and phone call. Dr. has a wonderful bedside manner that calms any nerves instantly. This is my 4th procedure with Dr. over 21 years. He is a true artist and I trust his skills to the utmost. I recommend him any chance I get. He and his staff are the best in their field. It was worth every penny! “

Results And Patient Experience May Vary

Dr. Daniel C. Mills’s clinic is located at 31852 Pacific Coast Hwy, Suite 401 Laguna Beach, CA 92651.

Cheap Facelift Price in Sacramento, CA

Name of doctor: Dr. Thomas E. Kaniff

Roseville had her facelift for $15,000 in Sacramento. Though shes already 60 year old now, she managed to look like at her mid 40s. In her point of view, every woman must look young as much as they could even it will cost them more money to undergo plastic surgery. For interested patients, she highly recommended her doctor, as she said “Two THUMBS UP for Dr. Kaniff. I have had lipo/facelift/necklift/chin implant/botox/ and injectibles done by Dr. Kaniff.

Not only is he a skilled and experienced surgeon and fully board certified and professionally affiliated, his doctors fees for surgery and lipo are extremely fair and reasonable. His staff is TOP NOTCH. I have complete trust in Dr. KaniffIve been his patient since 2002.”

Facelift Patients Reviews Are An Important Component For Any Prospective Patient Considering The Same

Dr. Thomas E. Kaniff’s clinic is located at 631 Fulton Avenue Sacramento, CA 95825.

Cheap Facelift Cost in Wayne, New Jersey

Nameby Dr. Parham Ganchi

Dr. Ganchi’s patient felt so young at the age of 59. Actually, she considers her physical appearance as her asset since shes a model. And the best way to maintain her figure and looks is thru surgical operation like facelift. She spent $18,700 and was happy with the result.

She shared her own experience as a patient of Dr. Ganchi “My experience with Dr. Ganchi was all around superlative. His gentle manner put me at ease immediately to ask all of my silly little questions that he didnt think were silly. Patient and kind he had the same view of youth and beauty that I did. Natural, soft and not extreme.”

Dr. Parham Ganchi’s clinic is located at 342 Hamburg Turnpike, Suite 202 Wayne, NJ 07470.