How Much Are Botox Injections In The Face?

The cost for Botox injections in the face depends on how much you need. Beware of getting a “price per zone.”

There is no standard nomenclature for what constitutes a zone. In addition, the requirements for Botox vary widely from patient to patient.

For example, someone who is younger may only need 10 units for the angry lines above the nose. Someone who is older with deep lines may require up to 25 units.

Also, what are the areas to be treated? For the face, do you want the forehead and periorbital lines treated along with the angry lines? How many platysmal bands in the neck are to be treated? Therefore, without an exam, you total cost can’t be determined.

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As a Board-Certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, the charge is 16 per unit. There are some clinics where the nurse does the injections that are cheaper, but you should go to a boarded expert.

If price is the main consideration, tell the surgeon how much you have, and then the 2 of you can make a determination as to the best places to spend your money. (David Alessi, MD, Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Depends mostly on the experience of your injector!

Most places charge as a per-unit structure, so patients are only charged for what they use. I suggest people always find the best injector that they can. Because there is no counter to Botox, your treatment effects will largely depend on who does the injections, not the price you pay.

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Additionally, neck injections need to be done by extremely talented physicians and even in that case, I would tell you that I haven’t seen the best results from this, meaning not a great deal of change takes place.

Do not shop around for the best price, rather, find the best physician injector you can and go from there. (F. Victor Rueckl, MD, Las Vegas Dermatologist)

Depends on how much you get injected. I charge based on how many units are injected. So, my treatments range from 320 per area to750 per area depending on the muscle mass and amount of botox injected.

Some areas such as the neck require twice the amount as areas such as the frown lines so we charge more for the material. (Kenneth Beer, MD, Palm Beach Dermatologic Surgeon)

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I have been injecting Botox in the face for cosmetic purposes for over 10 years now way before it was even known as Botox Cosmetic. It is a simple procedure and takes less than 5 minutes to perform. In average Botox is $150 for forehead and $150 for frown areas. $250 to $300 for crowe’s feet. Results last 3 to 4 months. (Afshin Farzadmehr, MD, Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon)

The price per units of Botox varies from clinic to clinic. It also depends on your budget and what you want your outcome to be. You should set up a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon and talk with them to learn more about Botox and if your a good candidate. (Fereydoon S. Mahjouri, MD, Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon)

Botox pricing can be by area in the face. Between the eyes (Glabella) is considered 1 area, the forehead maybe 2 or 3 areas, and so on. Botox can also be priced by the number of units used. Botox comes as a freeze dried powder that must have sterile saline added to make a solution for injection.

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Surgeons and doctors may add different amounts of saline making the solution stronger or weaker. Let’s make it simple: If you have 12-20 units of Botox injected to your Crow’s Feet, Glabella or central Forehead the going rate is about $400.

A bit less in some areas of the US. You want to avoid leader ads promising $99 Botox or other really low prices as there is counterfeit Botox out there that has caused illness and death.

So be sure to go to an experienced MD that only uses certified Botox from Allergan…and no, I have no affiliation with the company. (Francis R. Palmer, III, MD, Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Beware of How You are Quoted Botox prices!

You really do not know how much Botox has been injected (unless you ask and are told). You may have achieved your goals, but you don’t know if you found a “good value”. These physicians will “argue” that your goal isn’t about how much Botox you want to purchase, but about enjoying the result in a particular facial subunit.

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Other physicians will charge “by the syringe”. This is probably the least appropriate of the three ways of pricing, as the Botox can be diluted to pretty much any concentration.

When the Botox comes from the manufacturer (to any physician), it comes as a “powder” that is reconstituted.

While there are some standard dilutions, these dilutions can vary considerably. I would agree that the best way for the consumer to know exactly “how much” Botox they are paying for is to know “how many units” the physician is injecting.

But, also try to avoid trying asking the physican to inject fewer units than he/she feels is necessary (in a particular region) so you can save some money. Ask how much the physician charges per unit.

Botox Is A Neurotoxin That Relaxes The Muscles

Discuss areas in the face you want to have injected. Find out the quantity your physician thinks will be required to achieve the intended results. Then decide if the cost is justified and compare. Finally, though, recognize that everyone who injects Botox is not alike in their skill.

Ultimately, it would be better to pay more and have the Botox injected in the face by an expert than to get the Botox at a bargain price from someone whose specialty really is not focused on aesthetics.

In this case, the saying “you get what you pay for” is true!(David W. Stepnick, MD, Cleveland Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Manhattan Botox price is a minimum of $750

Don’t pick a doctor based on price. Go to a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist. Check out the Allergan website for referrals.

Botox Is Not Permanent

I typically use 75 units of Botox for the face, which is a little more than many doctors use. But I think more Botox leads to longer lasting results, and so you need fewer treatments.

The long term costs may be lower. A poor result can take 4 months to go away. So quality is everything. (George J. Beraka, MD (retired), Manhattan Plastic Surgeon)

Botox costs typically about $500-600 depending on the number of face areas treated

Typically, Botox ranges from $8-15 a unit depending on your geographical location. In addition, you can often find a flat fee that typically ranges from $500-600. (Scott Trimas, MD, Jacksonville Facial Plastic Surgeon)

I would also recommend speaking with your Physician about “buying” a vial of Botox. Many of my Patients will do this – they will get get together with two or three other Patients and will schedule for the same day to get their injections.

Botox Results Can Last 3-4 Months

This helps me because I know that my costs for the Botox and my services will be covered that day and it helps the Patients because they know they will be getting fresh Botox that is not overly diluted.

As a result I can offer competitive prices and ensure excellent results. I am also of the school of thought to charge by the area not by the unit and offer free touchups as needed within 4 weeks of the initial injections.

We document how many units were used for each Patient in each respective area to help ensure consistent results at each treatment. fresh botox = fair pricing = excellent results = returning patients = everyone is happy! (Kamran Jafri, MD, New York Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Botox costs less when you buy the least number of units to get the best result

Botox Should Definitely Last Longer Than A Few Week

Attempt to avoid the over done look from Botox injections. I tend to use the least number of units that will give each individual the best result. There are any number of factors that come into play, including the depth of the wrinkles, thickness of the skin and the size of the underlying muscle.

On a young patient it is possible that you would need 30 units of Botox at a cost of approximately $10/unit. (Jeffrey Zwiren, MD, Atlanta Plastic Surgeon)

Botox cost varies somewhat from city to city but averages $9 to $14 a unit

My current charge is about 10 dollars per unit. In the majority of cases, the areas I am asked to treat are: the “frown” area between the eyebrows (glabella), the crows feet, and the mid-forehead creases.

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Depending on the amount of muscle activity in these areas, I will use between 25 to 50 units. If I am treating a patient for the first time and not exactly sure how much they will need or how much residual activity they want to preserve, I prefer to do less and see the patient again for a quick visit in 7 to 10 days to reevaluate whether more is needed. (Sergio Pasquale Maggi, MD, FACS, Austin Plastic Surgeon)

The price of Botox in the face will vary greatly depending on locale. Some physicians are located in more wealthy areas and can charge more. I would recommend that you go to a well trained injector who charges by the unit, not the area.

You are then comparing apples to apples if you try to shop prices like many do. (Maurice M. Vick, Jr., MD, Baton Rouge)

Getting Botox Injections Regularly

Botox cost varies based on the region. We charge by the unit and offer a discount for first time customers ($12 vs $15/ unit). We do use the Brilliant Distinctions programs which often gives specials, coupons, and other additional savings for those who use it regularly. (Sapna A. Patel, MD, Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Price shopping isn’t so simple!

Who doesn’t want a great deal? However, when it comes to medical procedures there are some stuff you should know that saves you money both short term and long term! Botox can range from units (the cost on average can range from $6 to $15 unit) or per site(s) ($390 to $750).

Things to consider:

What Botox Can

  1. Units of Botox and Dysport are not the same.
  2. All products (Dysport/Botox/Xeomin) are all in powder form until mixed with saline to be ready for injections. The the saline you add the more dilute the Botox (even if it feels like a big syringe full of liquid being injected).
  3. Not all the Botox being used on humans are safe. Horse Botox or Botox imported illegally from outside the US is being used to cut on the cost of treatments, and this obviously is not safe! Make sure they are using the real deal from Allergan USA.
  4. Botox gets weaker in its action after it is mixed. So old Botox doesn’t work as well or last as long. Even if it is cheaper to get the treatment it may need more product and last half as long in duration of action.
  5. Unless you want the frozen look, the CORRECT placement of a few units of Botox can be more cost effective than many units of cheap Botox scattered all over your face. Careful micro-droplets allow better and more natural contour always. For example, I use a few drops in my exact expression lines when treating my patients or my own face. I hate to look frozen or expressionless. I make sure to correct asymmetries with studying the expression lines before treating the area. Muscles can sometimes be recruited to act for other muscles that are Botoxed, so you might want to teat those in advance as to create a natural and smooth expression unit!
  6. Make sure the place that is treating you uses CLEAN needles and they don’t stick the same syringe and needle back into the bottle to draw up more. You simple don’t know what practices are taking place outside your treatment room. PLEASE use a credible place to treat you. (Tanya Kormeili, MD, Los Angeles Dermatologist)