How Much Does A Facelift Cost In Korea?

A woman’s face is the most precious thing, given by nature. The skin on the face is more tender than on other parts of the body, therefore the first signs of aging here appear earlier. Uneven complexion, small mimic wrinkles can be removed with the help of cosmetic procedures, but modern aesthetic surgery will help cardinally rejuvenate the appearance.

When should I resort to plastic surgery?

There is an opinion that the facelift is for women for forty years of age. However, some representatives of the fair sex, the first signs of skin aging may appear at an earlier age. Usually, this is the cause of an aggressive climate, an incorrect lifestyle, an abundance of stresses or individual characteristics of the body, so at the age of 30 many ladies have an occasion to turn to the services of a plastic surgeon.

Korean Facelift Before After

Do not postpone the visit to the doctor – after a simple facelift surgery you will finally see the perfect reflection in the mirror.

Facelift in the clinic of plastic surgery in Korea will return you youth and beauty. The price for the operation is indicated in the price list.

Methods facelift

The doctor is fluent in modern facelift techniques. For each patient, a qualified surgeon selects the optimal surgical technique to achieve the most effective result.

A non-surgical facelift with Aptos threads. This technique is suitable for young patients with indistinct signs of aging, for example, with a decrease in skin turgor, sagging tissues.

The finest threads with tiny barbs are inserted into the facial skin tissue and fix soft tissues, which prevents further “deformation” of the facial contour. The procedure is absolutely painless and has practically no contraindications, and the result of a thread lift is preserved up to two years.

Endoscopic facelift in Korea is another gentle method of rejuvenation. This technique of surgical intervention involves removing small excess skin on the face, resulting in smoother wrinkles on the forehead, nose, nasolabial area, and the facial contours becomes more clearer. The main advantage of endoscopic facelift – the operation is seamless, so there are no scars.

Korean Facelift Surgery

S facelift will cope with more serious signs of aging, such as a strong sagging of the face (the appearance of “jawls”), deep wrinkles on the cheeks or nasolabial area, the second chin, the overhanging eyelids.

During the operation, there is pumping out excess fat, tightening of the connective tissue and facial muscles. This complex of procedures gives a pronounced rejuvenating effect – in the opinion of some patients, the operation is rejuvenated for a decade.

SMAS facelift is the advanced technology of surgical rejuvenation. During the operation, excess skin is removed, and the muscles of the face are raised, which allows one to cope immediately with several defects: deep wrinkles on the cheeks, “jawls”, the second chin. In addition, the SMAS Face lift gives a lasting result, and in the next 7-10 years, a re-operation is not required.

How is surgery performed?

Facelift surgery in Korea can be performed both under local and under general anesthesia – it depends on the chosen technique. Intervention lasts from 1 to 2 hours, SMAS facelift can take a little longer. After complex manipulations, such as SMAS facelift, a fixing bandage is applied to the face of the patient, which after a few days is removed.

Mini Facelift In Korea

Result of the operation

Several days after plastic surgery the patient is in a hospital under the supervision of a doctor (an exception is a rather simple thread lift procedure). After difficult surgical interventions, the suture is removed on the 7th-10th day, after which the patient can return home. Up to two weeks, swelling and bruising are kept – this is quite a natural phenomenon for any operation.

The result of a facelift can be assessed objectively after 4-6 months. By this time, scars dissolve (as a rule, they are hidden in the natural folds of the skin – behind the ears, at the border of hair growth), and the facial tissue involved in the operation are finally tightened.

The result of the facelift is the renewed skin, elastic skin and face, which looks much younger than the biological age of owner.

Non Surgical Facelift Korea

What affects the result of the operation?

One of the decisive factors are the individual characteristics of the organism, and the “final data” also affects the final outcome of the facelift.

Successful facelift surgery also depends on the chosen technique of rejuvenation, so do not delay the surgeon’s visit until pronounced appearance changes, when serious correction of defects is needed.

Of course, the result of a facelift depends on the skill of the surgeon. A qualified surgeon has extensive experience in performing anti-aging operations on the face, so you can safely entrust him the main female value.

The surgeon uses modern methods of correcting the age-related changes in the face, taking into account individual characteristics. The main principles of facelift are minor trauma, natural result and use of advanced technologies of modern plastic surgery. This is what guarantees the patient the most aesthetic result.

Facelift South Korea

The cost of lift face in 2014:

  • $5,000 – Seoul, Korea – 2014;
Cost of cosmetic facial surgery in 2015:
  • $14,000 – Dr Won (surgery) Dr Wook(assessment) – GangNam- South Korea – 2015;

Operation cost in 2016:

  • $11,000 – Dr. Kim Jin Sung, Dr. Jung Woo Jin – ITEM Clinic, Seoul ,South Korea, KR – 2016;
  • $11,000 – Rhee Sewhan, MD – South Korea, KR – 2016;
  • $15,000 – Rhee Sewhan, MD – Grand Plastic Surgery, Seoul, South Korea, KR – 2016;
  • $2,000 – Dr Kang – South Korea – 2016;
  • $6,000 – Dr Jung – Seoul, South Korea – 2016;

The cost for facelift surgery on average is $9000 in 2016 in Korea

Facial Plastic Surgery in Korea