How Much Does A Facelift Cost In USA?

There is a very wide range in the cost of a facelift across the United States. There are several different factors that go in to the final cost, so it is hard to even give a ballpark without seeing pictures of the patient.

Some of the factors that go into determining the cost of a facelift include:

– Years of experience of the board certified plastic or facial plastic surgeon
– City the plastic surgeon is located in
– What exactly is the facelift going to entail – for example in addition to the facelift the patient may need one or more of the following procedures – blepharoplasty (eyelid lift), neck lift, brow or forehead lift, chin augmentation, submental liposuction, fat transfer, etc.

Facelift Cost In USA Comprises The Anesthesia Fee

Operating room fees Anesthesia fees It is best to find a few reputable and board certified plastic surgeons in your area who specialize in facelift procedures and go consult with them in person. This way they can examine your face and listen to your anti-aging goals to determine which combination of facial rejuvenation procedures you need to give you the best and most natural looking results possible.

Consulting with a couple of surgeons will help you get the best idea of what surgery is needed and how much your unique surgery will cost. (Jimmy S. Firouz, MD, FACS, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon)

Facelift Cost Depends on Specific Procedures Performed

The term facelift actually refers to multiple different similar procedures. Facelifts in general move and tighten loose skin on the face. Most contemporary facelift techniques also involve tightening the SMAS (skin muscle aponeurotic system), a layer of connective tissue found underneath the skin and on top of the facial muscles.

Facelift Cost In USA Hidden Fees

The tightening of the SMAS repositions the neck and jowls and fills the cheeks. Repositioning and redraping the skin allows removal and redraping of skin excess. Facelift techniques today often involve facial fat injection, laser resurfacing, and other procedures such as endoscopic brow lifting or eyelid tucks as part of the overall facial rejuvenation.

Surgical patients will often maintain their result with ongoing medical-grade skin care and injection of fillers and Botox over time. Surgical procedures really achieve different goals than the injectables and therefore, they tend to complement each other, but not replace each other.

Facelift cost varies tremendously by geography around the United States. In general, a full facelift with other adjunctive procedures like those mentioned above may range from $15,000 to $35,000. A lower facelift and neck lift by itself may range from $8000 to $12,000. (Steven Goldman, MD, Cleveland Plastic Surgeon)

It’s difficult to give an exact cost for a facelift in USA because there are so many components involved in facial rejuvenation. Patients rarely come in and would benefit from only a facelift.

Facelift Cost Is Likely An Important Factor

Most patients need a face and neck lift with possibly upper and lower eyelid surgery as well as a brow lift. So the price difference between only a facelift and entire facial rejuvenation can be quite different.

Realself has great tools to help patients like yourself see what the average prices are for surgery in your area! (David A. Sieber, MD, Bay Area General Surgeon)

Cost and Quality

Facelift and other plastic surgical procedure costs vary widely across the United States, and practice setting. Some facelifts are performed under general anesthesia at a hospital or outpatient surgical center, and some are performed in office surgical suites under light sedation.

In our area, cost varies between $5500 and $7500 depending on details of surgery. When seeking consultation, it is important to discuss with the surgeon the planned incision, the planned type of facelift, the expected operative time, the details of sedation or anesthesia, and details of recovery.

Facelift In United States Before And After

Specifically, “mini lifts” or “short scar facelifts” often over promise and under deliver. SMAS flap, SMAS plication, and deep-plane facelifts all offer optimal results in the hands of experienced surgeons. Office sedation may offer ideal conditions for surgery, but may not be appropriate for everyone.

Hospital and surgical center settings do increase the cost as well. Make sure to seek consultation with a board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon or general Plastic Surgeon. (Daniel J. Givens, MD, Dubuque Facial Plastic Surgeon)

There are many facelift and many regions of the USA where the cost could be 50% above. All plastic surgeons will give you a ballpark figure if you call their office.

If they do not, call another office. Basicaly cost can range from $5000 to 25,000 depending on who you call. If your surgeon is well trained the results from a 5 or 25 will the same. Some individuuals derive a great deal of pleasure out of spending money. (Gary H. Manchester, MD (retired), San Diego Plastic Surgeon)


Cost of a facelift in USA

The cost of a facelift can vary dramatically based on multiple factors, including the anatomy, concerns, and goals of the patient, the experience and reputation of the surgeon, the region of the United States, the location of the procedure (office-based, surgery center, hospital), and the type of anesthesia used.

Cheaper is certainly not always best. Sometimes you get what you pay for. The most important thing to consider is the experience and reputation of the surgeon. There is a distinct difference in the experience and expertise of a surgeon that performs 5 facelifts each year compared to a surgeon that performs 5 facelifts each week.

However, surgical experience is only one thing to consider. You also want to look at the results that a surgeon achieves based on a review of before and after pictures of their patients and patient testimonials.

The Price Of A Facelift In USA

Once you feel comfortable with the experience and expertise of a surgeon, schedule a consultation to allow them to assess your anatomy, concerns, and goals in order to determine the best treatment plan. Keep in mind that a facelift is only one component of facial rejuvenation.

Other procedures may be indicated to achieve the goals that you desire, including brow lift, eyelid surgery, facial augmentation, or skin resurfacing.

The overall cost will vary depending on the procedures required to achieve your goals.

I would strongly recommend consulting with a board certified surgeon with extensive experience and expertise in facial rejuvenation. Don’t just seek out the cheapest price. It may end up costing you more in the long run. (Michael Boggess, MD, Nashville Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Facelift In USA Before And After

If you have to ask ‘how much?’ – don’t buy it.

When you purchase a standard item like a box of staples, dog food, or a car, it might pay to be aware of the price options available to you. A simple internet search can easily confirm where you can find the best deal – and in those circumstances where the item you seek is no different one source from the next, then only a lazy fool pays more.

On the other hand, one might pay a dollar more for an 18 – pack of toilet paper if Amazon will deliver it to their doorstep by the time you could get out of work tomorrow and drive across town to get the better price.

To the contrary, Aesthetic Surgery is not a commodity which should be shopped for in the ‘bargain basement’. The surgical procedure you think you seek, and which may give your life a bit more quality, and fun is not a standardized product easily compared between all the service providers who offer it.

Instead, Aesthetic Surgery is a service, and the experience you will have (comfort, risks, recovery, instructions, physician’s judgement, artistic values and experience, outcome, safety, etc..) will be very different one from one provider to the next.

Rhytidectomy Surgery Range From $6,000 To $15,000

Your choice of Plastic Surgeon should be based on matters like proximity, training, ability to communicate, experience, options offered, safety measures, quality of anesthesia providers… Once you have found a surgeon and his staff who makes you feel safe, and excited, and ready to take the adventure together- then pay whatever they ask- or save up and do it later. (Andrea Basile, MD, Naples Plastic Surgeon)

The cost of a facelift varies widely by region, procedure, and surgeon. The type of procedure actually done also varies widely. Non-plastic surgeons sometimes offer facelifts at the low end of the spectrum. Of course, their techniques, standards, and surgical facilities will differ dramatically from the standards used by board-certified plastic surgeons and facial plastic surgeons.

The range for facelift in the USA is around $5,000 to $25,000. Click on the link below to find out why cheap plastic surgery can be very expensive. (Heather J. Furnas, MD, Santa Rosa Plastic Surgeon)