How Much Would A Mini Facelift Cost? Prices Of Surgeons

The cost of a minifacelift ranges from $6500 – $8500 with anesthesia and operating room costs in Atlanta.

The cost varies based on how long the lift lasts, the surgeon’s credentials, the surgeons reputation, geographic location, revision rate, and demand. (Mike Majmundar, MD, Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon)

It can range from $5000-$10000 depending on how extensive the procedure is, if there are any additional procedures being added to enhance the facelift outcome such as fat grafting. (Nicole Schrader, MD, FACS, Princeton Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Surgical fees will vary considerably even in the same area. We would charge starting at $4000 for a mini facelift including facility fees and MD Anesthesia costs. (Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS, West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon)

Advantages Of The Mini-lift

Mini Lifts should cost between $2,000 to $8,000

There are many factors that can go into what a Mini Lift would cost:

  1. Geographical Area / Competitive Market Price
  2. Level of training of Surgeon
  3. Market demand for specific Surgeon
  4. Facility / Anesthesia fees if done under IV sedation or General Anesthesia
  5. How much overhead a practice has and how much money they need to generate every month
  6. Honesty of the Surgeon doing the procedure
  7. How difficult a specific case may be compared to another
  8. How often a Surgeon does the case (ie. if only doing a couple of surgeries a month they may jack up the price as much as possible)
  9. If other procedures are also being done may get a lower price with a “package deal”
  10. Some Mini Lifts are truly “mini” and should not cost as much as a more involved Mini Lift
  11. Highly skilled and experienced surgeons can apply these intangibles to the cost of the surgery End of the day you have to factor many things into what a Mini Lift will cost but certainly should not cost much more than $8,000.

Excellent Price

Once you cross this value line then you should really be receiving a full facelift and all the work that goes into it.

The big key is to find out which type of facelift and which Surgeon is best for you and then find out about pricing. (Kamran Jafri, MD, New York Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Our range is $5000-$7000 depending on whether you have it performed in the office under local anesthesia or in a surgery center and also whether you also need a submentoplasty (also called a platysmaplasty). (Anand D. Patel, MD, Brookfield Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Mini-Facelift costs

The key is to make a decision based on which procedure is going to give you the best results possible in a setting that you are comfortable with. I always counsel my patients as to the benefits and limitations of mini-lifts, so that they can make an informed decision. (Evan Ransom, MD, Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Mini Facelift Surgery Is The Most Common Type Of Facelift Surgery

I charge $6750 for a mini-facelift. If the surgery is done in my office under local anesthesia, there is a $200 supply fee. If the surgery is done in a surgicenter with the patient going to sleep, this adds about $1500 to the cost. (Jonathan Pontell, MD, FACS, Philadelphia Facial Plastic Surgeon)

The price of a mini-facelift such as the LiteLift, Quick Lift, Lifestyle Lift or others varies: amongst surgeons, whether it is part of a chain of facilities, whether anesthesia is involved, and if other procedures are done at the same time.

In California, a patient undergoing a procedure such as the LiteLift can expect to pay a minimum of $5,000 for the surgeon’s fee with extra for the facility or other procedures. Always ask for a breakdown of prices. (Larry S. Nichter, MD, MS, FACS, Orange County Plastic Surgeon)

Mini lifts vary in price from State to State and Doctor to Doctor. A mini lift should cost less than a full-face lift. An approximate fee for mini lift is between $6,000 and $15,000. Select your surgeon by experience and skill and not by the cost of the surgery. (David Alessi, MD, Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Short Procedure

The cost of any facial surgery will vary by location and doctor. Your fee should be well below the full face lift fee. Don’t look for price. Look for experience and quality. (David A. Bray, Sr., MD, Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Costs of miniface lifts are about 2/3 tje cost of a full face lift. There is multiple types of mini lifts based on the surgeon’s background and training. I recommend mini face lifts to patients who have less sagging or wrinkled skin and to smokers.

Smokers are at great risk for complications of face lift surgery. We charge $4000 for a mini facelift and $6000 for a full facelift. (Temp Patterson, MD, Burley Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Generally 1/2 to 2/3 the price of a “full facelift.” Prices will vary based on the surgeon’s experience and skill, so make sure to consider results and reputation first, price second! (Roy A. David, MD, San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Natural Looking And Life-long Result With A Mini Facelift

The fees for a mini-facelift will vary from one area of the country to the next. In NYC it could be $7000-$15000 depending upon who you go to. Make sure you are happy with their work and the doctor and staff. (Steven Wallach, MD, New York Plastic Surgeon)

Miniface lift is a procedure that will improve on the nasolabial fold, cheek, and jowls. the procedure is done under local anesthesia with sedation. The cost is about $7500. (Samir Shureih, MD, Baltimore Plastic Surgeon)

The cost of a Mini Facelift can vary from one state to another. In the NY/NJ are the cost can range from 5500 to 10,000. It also depends what kind of results you are expecting from a mini lift. (Oleh Slupchynskyj, MD, FACS, New York Facial Plastic Surgeon)

I would recommend an in person consultation with a Facial Plastic Surgeon in your area. A complete evaluation including your concerns and facial exam can be performed during this consultation. Price should not be your only determining factor when you are choosing a surgeon.

Quick Recovery Period

Experience and results are more important. (Gustavo A. Diaz, MD, Charlotte Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Buyer beware.

A board certified surgeon, and accredited facility, an experienced and properly certified anesthesia provider and good help all cost money.

Once you start paring down on that list, you can save a few bucks but at what cost? There are many examples of disastrous results from fly-by-night providers in an unsafe and ill-equipped facility.

The plastic surgery board requires that it’s members use accredited facilities but make sure you check yourself.

Personally, as a board-certified surgeon surgeon, I feel better in a proper facility surrounded by competent, experienced and certified providers. (Ritu Chopra, MD, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon)