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Sule Plastic Surgery

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Sandy Sule, MD

Statement: Dr. Sule is double board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and American Board of Otolaryngology. He specializes in Facial, Nose, Eyes, Neck, and Scalp procedures.
Began aesthetic medicine in: 2000
Rating: 4.4

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Do qualified plastic surgeons also undertake rhinoplasty correction and procedures such as sinus/sinusit
Dec 3, 2018
Thank you for your question. It is certainly possible to combine a cosmetic change (rhinoplasty) of you nose with sinus surgery. If fact, it is commonly done. By the report of your ct sinus scan, it sounds like you will need sinus surgery. Feel free to seek a physician who is able to perform both types of surgery.
Does an open rhinoplasty ever fail?
be patient
Dec 3, 2018
The hardest part about a rhinoplasty (especially a revision rhinoplasty) for a patient is waiting–waiting for the final results to show. Because skin is rarely excised during surgery, waiting for the skin to “shrink wrap” over the new/smaller bone/cartilage etc can be difficult. Give it time. Since this is  a revision, it will take several months to see significant change.
Is this swelling or is scar revision surgery/rhinoplasty necessary for a dog bite scar?
Oct 4, 2018
Sorry to hear about your dog bite. SInce its been over  a year, in all likelihood, the affects of the dog bite scar are now known. If you like the shape of your nose, your first steps may be to see if something can be done about the scar. I cant tell from you photos, but sometimes a scar can be “thick” and need treatment that can then help restore normal motion, etc of the face.
I hate my side profile, especially my nose. Could it be fixed?
Oct 4, 2018
Based on your photos, it appears you have a dorsal hump and a overprojected and wide/downward nasal tip. These issues can be addressed via rhinoplasty. Make sure to go on a couple of consultations and ask lots of questions (especially about healing, post op care, etc. ) Imaged photos are a great tool to help you see if you vision for you nose matches the surgeons opinion/view as well. Good luck!
I had some kind of sinus surgery for sleep apnea in 2004. What can I do about breathing problems?
nasal surgery
Oct 4, 2018
Breathing thru the nose is an important aspect of treating sleep apnea. Make sure you have a physician look and you nasal septum and nasal valve as both may be of an issue and need treatment. Document any nasal trauma or fractures of you nose as well.

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