Dr. George Yang, MD in New York, New York

Name: George Yang, MD
Last name: Yang
Gender: male
Began aesthetic medicine in: 2005
Years experience: 15
Primary Specialty: Facial Plastic Surgeon
Website: https://georgeyangmd.com/
Business: Millennium Facial Plastic Surgery, PLLC
Address: 132 E 76th St.
Address suite: Ste. 2B
Phone: (347) 352-9642
International phone number: +13473529642
City: New York
State: New York
Zip Code: 10021
Country: US
Statement: Our boutique facial plastic surgery practice offers an extremely personalized surgical experience and a commitment to excellence. At our office, patient care truly is the bottom line.
Consulting Fees: 150$
Consultation note: Consultations are scheduled for 1 hour. If an injectable procedure (botox or fillers) is performed during the initial 1 hour appointment, then the consultation fee is waived.
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Clinical Privileges
  • Lenox Hill Hospital
  • Undergraduate: BA, Biology, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, 1993
  • Medical: MD, Cornell University Medical College, New York, NY 1999
Postdoc Training
  • Internship: General Surgery, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA, 2000
  • Residency: Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA, 2004
  • Fellowship: Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, UC Davis Medical Center, Sacramento, CA, 2005
  • Board Certification: American Board of Facial Plastic Surgery (2007-2017)

George Yang, MD

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GPS coordinates on map: 40.7499,-73.98799896

Primary location
Location name: Manhattan
State: NY
Country: US
Map point: 40.7499,-73.98799896
  • Acne Scars Treatment
  • Acne Surgery
  • African American Rhinoplasty
  • ArteFill
  • Asian Rhinoplasty
  • Bellafill
  • Botox
  • Brow Lift
  • Cheek Augmentation
  • Cheek Lift
  • Chin Implant
  • Chin Liposuction
  • Chin Surgery
  • Dark Circles Under Eye Treatment
  • Deep Plane Facelift
  • Double Eyelid Surgery
  • Dysport
  • Ear Surgery
  • Earlobe Surgery
  • Eye Bags Treatment
  • Eyelid Surgery
  • Facelift
  • Facelift Revision
  • Facial Fat Transfer
  • Facial Reconstructive Surgery
  • Forehead Lift
  • Hyaluronidase
  • Injectable Fillers
  • IPL
  • Jaw Reduction
  • Juvederm
  • Kybella
  • Laser Resurfacing
  • Lip Augmentation
  • Lower Facelift
  • Mini Facelift
  • Neck Lift
  • Nonsurgical Facelift
  • Nonsurgical Nose Job
  • Nose Surgery
  • Pelleve
  • Perlane
  • Radiesse
  • Restylane
  • Restylane Defyne
  • Restylane Lyft
  • Restylane Refyne
  • Restylane Silk
  • Retin-A
  • Revision Rhinoplasty
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Septoplasty
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • SMAS Facelift
  • Thermage
  • Volbella
  • Vollure
  • Voluma
  • Wrinkle Treatment

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Virtual consultations via Skype by appointments only.
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Sign up for Aspire Galderma Rewards prior to your appointment to receive $20 off on each treatment listed below: Dysport®, Restylane® family, Sculptra® Aesthetic.
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Complementary Facelift/Necklift Consultation
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Dec 14, 2018
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In addition to the complementary Facelift and Necklift evaluation, we will be offering special pricing for these procedures, for a limited time. Contact us for more details. 🙂
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Can someone please recommend a treatment that will help me look younger again and fix my under eyes? (P
Maybe your younger photo looks younger because of the upper eyelid and brow configuration ...
Feb 18, 2020
Hi ambieeleejay1,
Your first photo appears to be your younger photo. In general, you don't appear to have aged very much between your current photo and your younger photo. Note the younger photo was taken with a professional camera looking directly at eye level into the lense. The second photo is a selfie taken with your phone, only a couple of feet away looking at yourself in screen of your phone. This makes you look downwards which makes more eyelid show, and can...
What treatments might you recommend to help me achieve a rounder, wider face?
Photos taken with smart phone distortion versus professional cameras not a fair comparison.
Feb 18, 2020
Hi goldfincher,
I think the photo comparisons between Selena at a red carpet event versus your selfies are not a fair comparison. I do agree your face is thinner than Selena's, but the photos you have taken are likely from a smartphone and from less than 3-5 feet away. Selena's red carpet photo is particularly flattened out, since the photographers are using telephoto lenses from outside of the red carpet, and from 20-30 feet away. The telephoto lens naturally flattens...
Neck lift surgeons: are neck lifts (platysmaplasty) harder after a patient has had RF microneedling?
It shouldn't make a subsequent surgery more difficult to perform; however, RF microneedling may ...
Feb 4, 2020
Hi ElizabethP8,
I have operated on patients for a necklift who had either Thermage, Ultherapy, or other energy based non-surgical skin tightening. I did not think the surgical anatomy was compromised after these non-surgical treatments. I worry that when seeing these younger patients may have crepier neck skin from the energy delivered to the skin/dermis causing a small amount of subcutaneous fat loss directly under the dermis. Younger patients or patients who are...
Can I get away with one syringe of cheek filler to address my under-eye area or do I need a syringe the
Treat the area that is your biggest concern first. Then go on from there.
Jan 29, 2020
Hi Heaven0507,I prefer to start with the eyes first before treating the cheeks. If the patient is happy with just the lower eyelid fillers, the cheek filler can be skipped.If the cheek is flat, after treating the lower eyelid area, there can be a transition or irregularity from the filled lower eyelid to the cheek area, which would benefit from filling the cheek area.The injector feels that you would likely benefit from cheek filler, but not every patient is the same.  To treat every p...
Would temple filler fix my lower face sagging or should I consider a mini facelift?
You have volume loss on the temples making your cheekbones stick out more. But …
Aug 20, 2019
Hi Sexyslew69,Your question is good, but the choice of your answers is not good. If not A, then my only choice is B?  I apologize for this long response in advance.  Short answers are good for getting to the recommendation (the sales part), but not great educating anyone.  Does making a recommendation based on little to no information make me an internet expert anyone would want to see in person or just someone answering a certain number of daily questions as part of my marketing plan.  ...
Is it possible to get hooded eyes with upper eyelid filler?
Upper eyelid works well to hide excess upper eyelid show, but results vary depending on the patient’s anatomy
Jul 19, 2019
Hi Neymito,If your eyes are hollow or shows a lot of eyelids, upper eyelid filler can help make the brow more hooded, but may not be able to make the eyes completely hooded like an Asian person. If the person was hooded when they were younger and became more hollow with aging or weight loss resulting in more eyelid show, then the upper eyelid filler can help reverse some of the changes that had occurred. I have been performing upper eyelid volumization since 2006 using fat grafting o...
Follow-up question: I need filler every 6 months and spent 9k in a year for Dysport. Alternative to fil
Orbital Fat Loss. Loss of eye socket fat causes the rim of the eye socket to show
Jun 27, 2019
Hi DrKPorter,
Thanks for the follow up question with photos. In my practice, I would compare your current appearance to your younger photos where you don’t look tired.
Why do I do this? Careful analysis of where the actual fat loss is occurring comparing an old photo to a current appearance will better help with accurately diagnosing the problem. 
Since your username is DrKPorter, I might surmise that you are a physician. If a density were found on a CT scan, chest X-ray or a mammo...
Alternative to fillers? I degrade them too fast. I can’t keep spending over $10K a year to not look as
Eyelid fillers usually last at least a year with a minor touch up, perhaps the filler is injected too superficially?
Jun 22, 2019
Hi DrKPorter,In general, my experience with eyelid fillers, both lower eyelid and upper eyelid fillers, has been that the filler lasts closer to 18-24 months before patients return for a touch up. I suspect the location of filler placement may have something to do with it.  The filling is deeper below the orbicularis oculi muscle layer to avoid the Tyndall effect.
 More often than not, the loose skin is more of a “deflated brow” and using upper eyelid filler reverses the volume loss and not...
Would chin lipo work for me? Or would I require a lower/neck lift?
Any type of fat reduction will likely cause verticle muscle bands to show through after the procedure
Jun 19, 2019
Hi Crumbs,
Any type of fat of significant fat reduction (weight loss, lipo, and non-surgical fat loss injections or machines) will likely unmask the platysma muscle bands which are hidden under the fat in the double chin. 
If you are okay with minimal to no change in your profile with slightly less “fullness”of the double chin, then it should be fine to not have a lower face/necklift.For those of you looking for a more ideal neck/chin profile, the key procedure I would want people to researc...
How tricky and costly is it to fix an overresected revised upper bleph? My upper fold is missing and ey
Upper eyelid fillers can help hide the hollows between the brow bone and the eyeball, but requires some loose skin to achieve it
Jun 11, 2019
Hi KariLyn1964,This is a difficult problem. I agree with Dr. Taban's assessment, but upper eyelid/brow filler requires some loose skin to allow the brow to be plump and full.  The upper eyelid/brow is like a Roman shade.  As a Roman shade is lifted, the flat shade folds up and under the previous fold.  In a youthful brow/upper eyelid, there is fullness which blends the brow bone softly to gently cover the eyeball.  When the eyes open there is a soft fullness of the brow, with a dist...
What can I do to improve my face?
I don't think an open ended question like "What can I do to improve my face?" will help someone with poor self-esteem.
Jun 11, 2019
Hi Sarah,I don't think an open ended question like "What can I do to improve my face?" will help someone with poor self-esteem.  Why?  Let's say you actually have a specific thing about your face that actually bothers you, but nothing else.  The open ended question will open Pandora's Box of even more insecurities.  Instead of the single thing that bothers you, you may receive a variety of "suggestions" by plastic surgeons which may or may not even be of any concern to you.  If you had go...
Is the growth of stem cells effective and predictable as filler on the cheeks and tear trough?
Hyaluronic Acid fillers are predictable as well as reversible with an injection. Not sure what stem cells can do . . .
Jun 11, 2019
Hi Badoodles08,Thank you for your question.  For some reason, I have an unusually high number of new patients from other providers who have had Ultherapy or Radiofrequency non-surgical skin tightening who have reported facial and neck fat loss.  Back in 2006, I met my first patient who had a full face Thermage and reported that after the swelling came down, there was fat loss and the neck skin became significantly more crepey.  These stories by the patients are all "by report" so I was not s...
Is it better to do the fillers after having a facelift has healed so as to better see where they may lo
Depends on where you want to have your fillers injected and if the fillers will be injected before or after the surgery
May 21, 2019
Hi Sincere2000,Whether or not to have fillers the same day as your facelift depends on several factors and timing.For example, many patients have already had fillers prior to having a facelift, so, getting fillers is compatible with the facelift.  If the surgeon is injecting the filler for your lower eyelid hollowing smile lines or lips, that should not be an issue.  If the fillers are injected after the facelift, then you may have a lot of swelling, which may affect how much filler is use...
Is it problematic (in terms of scaring) to re-open incision lines?
A 1/2” incision under the chin for the platysmaplasty, reopening the side incisions depends on some factors.
May 19, 2019
Hi Jelllyb,
To perform the corset platysmaplasty, you will need an incision under your chin along the chin wrinkle.  The size of the incision can be as little as 1/2” (my preference) to as wide as 1-2” depending on the surgeons ability to operate through the incision to corset the platysma muscle edges.   I prefer using a headlight and looking through the 1/2” keyhole.  Other surgeons use a 1/2” wide lighted retractor with a built in 1/4” fiberoptic light actually designed for this procedu...
Puffy hooded eyes after Botox? How can I avoid this next time?
I wonder if it is swelling from the glabellar botox and not the botox on the forehead.
Apr 30, 2019
Hi Tayloor,
On your before photos, you have deep set eyes which you like.  The 1 week after photo show a fuller, puffier brow which you do not like.  At 3 weeks, it is beginning to become more hollowed again perhaps as the swelling goes away.
The injections between the eyebrows can cause swelling around the brow area which may have given you the puffy brow. 
Your 3 week photo perhaps was in the morning, but I can see a bit of hollowing returning.
If you take a selfie in the evening I think...

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